VW: Second Life

Location: Paris
Country: FR
LHVW Fundraiser 2017


Claire-Sophie de Rocoulle
28 Oct 2014 04:55:16AM @claire-sophie-de-rocoulle:

Wooow - your estate is in a whole new level of awesomeness - thank you for letting me visit ^^

Abel François Poisson
29 Apr 2014 12:08:07PM @abel-francois-poisson:

Mssr le Comte, I hope to see your exquisite work one day soon 8)

Kristianna Fotherington
01 Sep 2013 06:34:26PM @kristianna-fotherington:

I will certainly keep you posted, M. le Comte. Thank you so much for your kind words! :)

Summer Serendipity
04 Aug 2013 06:27:16AM @summer-serendipity:

Ahh, a beer with a buddy is always a good thing, no matter the toast or the occasion. ( ;

03 Aug 2013 02:32:35PM @jean-matisse:

Merci Monsieur le Comte...:)