Lady Elizabeth Wyndham
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Lady Elizabeth Wyndham, Countess of Egremont

(Year: 1763, Location: Georgian London in Second Life, The Court of St. James's)

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Old enough to be your great grandmother in terms of Second Life times, I've lived a hundred lives (quite literally). If I have learnt anything, in the past five years being in the second life historical community, and six years in second live overall, its to love without attachment. What we love now, may be gone, but we forever cherish the memories of long gone friends, and beautiful sims. My time as a court celebrity has long passed, and I enjoy my tranquility and quiet life in a much needed retirement. As I've been around for most of the courts. If you ever come across the names, Elizabeth Koray, MariaTheresa Milneaux, ConsuelaVanderbilt Resident, and Sanjaana Resident, those were the predecessors to this account.


Elizabeth, Countess of Essex
15 Mar 2016 11:50:51PM @elizabeth-countess-of-essex:
Hello dear girl! <33
Lady Mary Tudor
29 Feb 2016 06:31:28AM @lady-mary-tudor:

Thank you, Milady! :)

Lady Hartfield
19 Sep 2015 01:39:14AM @lady-hartfield:

I luff you more!!! <3<3 <3

30 Apr 2013 11:21:39AM @jean-matisse:
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