Georgiana Charlotte Grey (lilaskyheart Resident)
Avatar: Georgia Florence Sipe (lilaskyheart Resident)
VW: Second Life

Location: Charlotte, NC
Country: US
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Duchess of Sedge

Georgian London: Lady Georgiana Charlotte Grey & Hannah, Dowager Baroness Grey

Versailles (retired character): Marie-Sofie de Chiverny, Vicomtesse de Chiverny 


Herzogilde Ambrosine Herenden
04 Dec 2012 11:38:49AM @herzogilde-ambrosine-herenden:

greetings! :)

Hugo Dieter
03 Feb 2013 11:14:03AM @hugo-dieter:

Many thanks for your friendship and apologies for the delay in response, dear lady. *bows humbly and smiles*