Abbondio Rezzonico
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Location: Venezia / Rocca Sorrentina
Country: IT
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18th century Venetian patrician, banker, and merchant; Veneto landowner and vintner.

Active @ Rocca Sorrentina & Magritte, for more info --> picks
Active within G&S as owner of the Banco Rezzonico and co-owner of the brewery/distillery Le Cheval Qui Rit (both at Magritte)


Abbondio Rezzonico (23 years old), firstborn and only son of parents leading in Venetian society. His father died when he was only 14 years old, leaving him the sole male heir of his estate and affairs. His mother acted as regent over his inheritance and raised him in the city of Venezia and at the family's country seat in the Veneto. For his studies in Rome, he was placed under the care of his three uncles: A Senator of Rome, a Cardinal, - and a Pope of the Roman Catholic Church. After all this he was sent out to finish his education and learn about the world - and so he embarked on his Grand Tour through Europe for two years.

Upon his return he took over the family affairs in trade and banking from his mother's hands and now acts as the head of the Venetian family Della Torre di Rezzonico - although he still has to listen to his mother. As such he leads a comfortable life but also bears many responsibilities. As the head of the powerful Rezzonico family he has almost automatically been appointed to positions of high governance within the Venetian Republic but also bears honorary functions at the Imperial court of Wien. It is rumoured that he is often sent out on certain missions - whether these be for La Serenissma, the Emperor, or even the Holy Mother Curch - nobody is really certain, as the true interests of the Rezzonico family have become too widespread and rather vague to outsiders.

Abbondio, an enthusiastic musician himself, is interested in sciences and a patron of the arts - just like his parents. He is also known for his fondness of drinks of a certain permillage, which has brought him into trouble in the past; especially when combined with his other favourite pastime: Fencing. His great interest are the outstretched family vineyards in the Veneto that are delivering high-quality wines; but the real work, the experimenting with grape genomes takes place at the small vineyard of Rocca Sorrentina, where a full 'laboratory' is active to produce the best strains and where a local wine ('Villa Vesuviana') is developed under the appellation *Rezzonico*.

Full Name & Titles
Sua Grazia, Abbondio Carlo Aurelio Della Torre [di Rezzonico], Principe Romano, Conte di Rezzonico, Barone del Sacro Romano Impero, Signore di Bassano

- Kommandeur der Sankt-Georgs-Orden
- Cavaliere Grande dell'Ermellino
- Cavaliere di San Marco

Title of Address
Reference style: il Principe Della Torre di Rezzonico
At court: (Sua) Grazia or Your Grace

NB: As a Venetian and seldom at court, I prefer my daily style as Conte Rezzonico over that of a Roman (Papal) Prince. Only family and friends are entitled to the use of the informal style of (Don) Abbondio.

- Merchant, banker, and landowner/vintner
- Procuratore di San Marco
- K.u.K. Kämmerer

City: Ca' Rezzonico, Venezia
Country: Villa Rezzonico-Borella, Bassano (Veneto)
Summer House: Villa Vigna, Rocca Sorrentina

My family currently consists of several family members, but in this 18th century community you are most likely to encounter two of my most direct relatives:

- La Vedova-Contessa di Rezzonico (Gallyon Milneaux), my highly revered and somewhat feared mother. Who reigns over the family like a true matriarch.
- The young Contessa, Donna Anna Rezzonico (ReinetteBellefleur Resident), my younger sister; mischieveous at times, but with a kind heart - just don't give her a pair of scissors, she will run with them.

They are both seasoned roleplayers, beware of them as such, but each in their special way :p


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