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  • Early Morning Baking

    By Tatiana Dokuchic, 2023-02-23

    TTREarly Morning Baking.png

    My life of leisure is over!  I must admit that my role as the estate manager for the QH Co-op hasn’t been all that taxing, mostly...

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    A year of peace - my wife's 'Venetian Garden'

    By Abbondio Rezzonico, 2021-10-09
    A year of peace - my wife's 'Venetian Garden'

    Now a year ago - - then after a tumultuous year of events ranging from our lovely pixel wedding, to the dark rl plague, and back to the rise and demise of an 18th century roleplay-project in which we were invested - - I started to secretly build my wife a place to hibernate, as winter...

    Singing in Second Life

    By King Jason Φ Fox, 2020-11-11

    Dear reader,

    Hence forward, my person will be singing at the Music Elixir of Life and more than appreciative if you would be interested to experience Live music at the Club I have connected myself to. The warmth and feeling of Family is strong and unique, something that is rare in...

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    Rest in peace

    By RIP Lady Olivia, 2020-04-24

    The last of the servants to leave was Anna, having packed up all of her Lady's belongings in numerous trunks. She had no earthly idea of what would become of the estate but heard tell of a distant relation who would be taking the reins; they had already sent word that the entirety of the...

    Nozze Nell'Alta Società! - A Report From Rome

    By Abbondio Rezzonico, 2020-04-17
    Nozze Nell'Alta Società! - A Report From Rome

    Translated from the Venetian newspapers


    Thursday, April 16th, 1790
    a Report sent by Express Courier

    from Our...

    Crossroads: Part I

    By RIP Lady Olivia, 2020-04-11

    Crossroads  Part I.png


    Still Life

    By RIP Lady Olivia, 2020-04-08

    After an early evening meal, I planned to walk to my old retreat; a small structure just south of the main house on the hillside that, at one time, may have been a small orangery. It was a cool evening but I chose to continue on rather than go back for a...

    Movement 'neath the stone

    By RIP Lady Olivia, 2020-04-07
    Movement 'neath the stone

    The ocean's salted kiss alighted on my brow before I ever saw the sea. The dust from the hooves ahead swirled about the curtained window of the carriage like fairies, beckoning me homeward. To be home...

    So much had happened in Spain. My mother's family never took much interest...

    Bellevue Basement Design

    By Zed Tremont, 2019-12-16
    Bellevue Basement Design


    I'm sorry it's been a long time ago that I added something on this website. Bellevue has been laying dormant for some time but I did pick it up a few months ago again and been working quite hard on the basement. Basic models of the vaulted ceilings are done, doors, rooms,...

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    Hooked on Graphics

    By Tatiana Dokuchic, 2019-12-12

    TatianaDokuchicHooked on Graphics 03.png

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