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  • Versailles: Queen's Apartment Reopened after Restoration

    According to the Chateau de Versailles:

    The Queen's great apartment has just reopened after several years of work. Marble, ors and crystals shine from all their fires, punctuated by a restoration punctuated by...

    PARIS — A large fire broke out at the Cathedral of Notre-Dame in Paris on Monday evening, causing part of the historic church’s spire to collapse as the blaze spread along its roof.

    André Finot, a spokesman for the cathedral, said in a telephone interview that the cause of the fire...

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    A Game of Chess

    By Ekaterina Vorontsova-Dashkova, 2019-04-11

    Graf Razumovsky invited several guests to his city residence, including Graf Sheremetev, Protoierei Korshunov, Baryshnya Vorontsova and her chaperon and cousin Knyaginya Dashkova. Family matters, theology, arts and chess, of course, were discussed extensively.

    The host seemed flustered...

    The Workings of the Banco Rezzonico (in G&S economy)

    By Abbondio Rezzonico, 2019-03-26
    The Workings of the Banco Rezzonico (in G&S economy)

    fondata nel 1634


    Fruits of a Decade,

    By Duke of Richmond, 2019-03-21

    As next month approaches, so do my 10th rezz day approaches. Initially, I didn’t really notice, but now that I have, it has me thinking about the past lives we lived in the historical community, and the future ones we will start.

    What a journey it has been, from my initial start of...

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    G&S - Observations

    By Abbondio Rezzonico, 2019-03-20

    Drinking tea all day and stuffing yourself with cakes to build a base before moving to heavy foods and wine, and more, is a way of living. but it does get tedious after some time. Roleplaying is very mild and light these days and seems to have moved more to private and rural estates -...


    By Lady Olivia Chapman, 2018-06-15

    The morning had begun. 

    The Duke and Duchess of Whippen boarded The Persephone under clear skies, and set sail for the colonies. It was a special voyage; the Duchess' first of this greath length and one which held many adventures...

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    enChanted Easter Notes

    By Tatiana Dokuchic, 2017-04-14
    Easter 01.jpg

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    The Earl and the Lady

    By Lady Olivia Chapman, 2017-02-28
    The Earl and the Lady

    In the cool, crisp morning, the chamber maid set about lighting the fire as Lady Olivia lay in her bed, staring up at the canopy above her, contemplating yet another marriage to a man who was a stranger to her.  She had modern ideas about marriage; mostly that she should know and love the...

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    Apprentices Christmas Greeting 2016 Border.jpg

    We apprentices have continued our wanderings, but we always remember with fondness the friends and...

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