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Early Morning Baking

By Tatiana Dokuchic, 2023-02-23

TTREarly Morning Baking.png

My life of leisure is over!  I must admit that my role as the estate manager for the QH Co-op hasn’t been all that taxing, mostly involving chasing after chickens which have run amok and testing new products to confirm their overall safety.

That’s all change with the introduction of the new AoR Household Management Challenge (HHMC) which now finds me up before dawn lighting the fires in the bread ovens and preparing the dough for another round of baking.

I’m embarrassed to admit that I’m starting this challenge at rather a disadvantage as I have absolutely no skills, experience or coins.  So, while Tat may aspire to running a Family or eventually an Estate, I’m content to make my way as an Individual Household.  Looking after myself is quite enough of a challenge!

I’ve made a deal with her to provide me with all the wheat and milk I require in return for my labour, milling her flour, baking her bread, and churning her butter.  Sometimes I think it would just be easier to grow my own wheat & find a willing cow but I begin to enjoy my time in the kitchen.

Cheese and sugar I can make for myself.  I’ve also tried my hand at apple cider which turned out rather well, though I had to spend some precious coins on the cinnamon.

My pocket money comes from the sale of extra butter.  Oh, how I wish we were back in the days of the “Butter Barons” when multiple churns and a bit of milk could make you a fortune in no time flat.

Tea and soap I purchased from local merchants.  I also purchased individual candle sticks only to realize that they couldn’t be loaded into my basket.  Argh!  After grumbling to Tatiana, I’m glad to report that the bulk purchase of candles will soon be possible from our local merchants instead of being monopolized by old Myriam “moneybags” Merchant.

I had no choice but to pay the premium that Myriam demands for raw chicken.  Fortunately, I don’t require much in a week.  We must see if we can convince a butcher to set up shop in our community.

Regarding the monthly challenge, I’m making progress, but I’m hampered by my lack of cooking skills as the Egg Board is a level three recipe.  I’m also saving up to buy that bottle of Hard Cider.  I’m sure that will a bit of hard work and determination I’ll have everything assembled in the next month.

Well, the ovens are heated and the loaves have risen and are ready to be baked.  Soon the wonderful aroma of fresh bread will be filling the kitchen.

I’m asking Tat to post this note for me as soon as she returns from her morning rounds on the farm.

Take care!


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