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[AoR] Household Management Challenge

Tatiana Dokuchic
7 months ago
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Do you have what it takes to keep your household happy?  Find out by joining the [AoR] Household Challenge (HHC)!

Based on real-life family budgets*, the HHC keeps you busy producing, trading, and purchasing the weekly provisions necessary to keep your household thriving.

Tatiana will help you set up your personalized HH Manager crafter.  She will need a full permission picture to display.  Your profile picture will work nicely.


For convenience the HH Management scoreboard is located in the QH [AoR] Market.

Levels of difficulty:

  • Individual: A household of one person
  • Family: A household of five people
  • Estate: A household of ten people, including staff.

Choose your starting level.  If ever you find the challenge too easy or too difficult you can always switch levels taking your earned points with you.


Progress bar:

Keeps track of your accomplishments and runs from 0 to 100.  One hundred points is considered a full year of management.  After the first year is completed the progress bar is reset for the second year.  Your total points continued to be displayed on the HH Management crafter (they are also stored in the AoR Database so they will never be lost).


Once a week:

Use your personalize HH Manger crafter to provide the HH basic provisions and the HH extra provisions.  You will receive one point for each successful transaction.

Individual level Basic example (in units, so 40 slices of bread which equals 5 loaves of bread)


Individual level Extra example (in units, so 5 glasses of Apple Cider or one bottle)



The provisions may change slightly over the course of the year depending on the season.

Provisions may be procured in varies way:; hand-crafted by the player themselves; purchased or bartered from another player; purchased from Myriam.  To encourage our roleplay please use Myriam as a last resort.  If an item is out-of-stock you can contact Tatiana to replenish the supply.


Once a month:

Use your personalize HH Manger crafter to provide the HH special provisions.  You will receive one point for a successful transaction plus an award ribbon that can be displayed on your HH Manager crafter.

For the month of March 2023 the challenge consists of:

  • 1 (6 units) Egg Board
  • 1 (8 units) Potato Soup
  • 1 (8 units) Apple Pie
  • 1 (8 units) Orange Tea
  • 1 (5 units) Hard Cider - any brand will do.


Start at any time:

It’s never too early or too late to start playing.


Go At Your Own Pace:

The only expectations are those you set for yourself.  If once a week is just way too much work, you can participate as often as feels like fun for you.  The monthly challenge is, of course, optional.  Some players may wish to skip it while others will ignore weekly and just play monthly.  It’s all good!



* A New System of Practical Domestic Economy:  Founded on Modern Discoveries and the Private Communications of Persons of Experience

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