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[AoR] News ~ March 22, 2023

News & Events

A few new announcements plus some highlights from the last month or so.


A warm welcome to our new members, Catherine Cave-Shuvalova (ChezGiroux) and Summer Serendipity.


Easter Cookies

These timely & tasty treats can now be baked fresh in the oven.



Finally!  Ale & Beer can now be produced by our own [AoR] Brewery.  For those of you who have been growing barley in anticipation, have at it.  A new Hops plant has also been added so that we can grow our own.


[AoR] Brewery - Age Of Reason |


Harvesters & Crafters Updated to Experience

All the harvesters and crafters are being updated to use SL Experiences.  This allows props such as rakes, watering cans, spoons, etc. to attach without requesting permissions each time. Attach & detach are the ONLY actions that Experience is used for in the AoR system.

Helene and all of Rousseau’s market vendors are now selling the updated items.


  • All of the older harvesters & crafters continue to function normally. 
  • For those members on land other than the Rocca Sorrentina Estate and the Provence Coeur Estate please add "TTR Experience" to your allowed parcel/estate Experiences.  If you are renting and do not have access to Experiences the harvesters & crafters will still work but without the attachment of props (just pretend you're holding the spoon or whatever).
  • Lady Sere will be in touch with users individually about scheduling a replacement for their current harvesters.  As all harvesters & crafters must eventually be replace this may take some time.



A brand-new tool that is used to package units from your basket into bulk-sized containers. Currently it can create a crate of 35 Beeswax candles (perfect for the HHC) as well as 640 units of milk into one large churn.

Perfect for selling bulk quantities via vendors, these units can easily be loaded into the customers basket.

Other bulk-sized containers, especially those useful for the HHC, will be made available as required so if you have any preferences just yell.

The Packer can be acquired from Helene.


Household Challenge (HHC)

The Household Challenge will soon be going into its second month. Not only has it kept players occupied (satisfying that weekly budget is a brain teaser) but its really helped to increase our interaction, encourage the development of trades (see below), and get the economy rolling.

It’s never too late to join the fun!

Read about Mikhail’s adventures in Early Morning Baking:

Early Morning Baking - Tatiana Dokuchic |

Questions or comments?  See:

[AoR] Household Management Challenge - Age Of Reason |


Hot Trades (Baker, Brewer, Cook, Cooper, Chandler)

The following crafted products are needed for the HHC providing the perfect chance to develop your own trade.  These products can be purchased from Myriam but it would be preferable to cut her supply in favour of our own merchants. 

Please comment below or contact Tatiana to have this list updated to avoid duplication.

  • Bread
  • Butter
  • Cheese
  • Sugar
  • Tea Leaves Dried – currently supplied by Tatiana
  • Apple Cider – will be replaced as soon as beer is available
  • Beeswax candles
    • Beeswax – currently supplied by Candace
  • Castile soap
    • Olive oil – currently supplied by Banjo

Coming soon:

  • Small beer & Brown ale– will be supplied by Mikhail if no one else wants to brew
    • Barrels
    • Hops dry – will be supplied by Mikhail if no one else is interested


  • Catherine will be taking up the trade of Chandler producing soap and candles
  • Thomas will be specializing in Tea & Dairy


Whew!  There’s lots to keep us busy this spring and if you have any ideas for other activities we would love to hear them. 



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Tatiana Dokuchic
18 Mar 2023 08:54:09AM
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[AoR] Brewery

AoR Resources

AoR Brewery.png

It’s been a long time coming which will certainly make the ale & beer produced by our new Brewery even more flavourful! 

Many thanks to Sere and Aldo for their contributions to this endeavour.  I’ll post our discoveries in the Research Section but in the meantime here’s a quick start for the keeners.

Quick Start

For our purposes ale is differentiated from beer by its higher alcohol content.

Basic ingredients: Barley, Hops, Water

Crafters: Barrel, Brewery, Maltster


  • Use NPC Marcel the Maltster to exchange Barley for Malt
  • Use Brewery – Mash to change Malt & Water into Mash & Wort
  • Use Brewery – Sparge to change Mash into Mild Wort
  • Use Brewery - Boil to change Wort into Ale
  • Use Brewery – Boil to change Mild Wort into Beer
  • Use Barrel to age both Ale & Beer

See AoR Recipes:Alcohol for exact quantities


Breweries will be available in both Rocca Sorrentina and the Queen’s Hamlet.  Please contact Sere and Tatiana to get started.

As soon as we build up our stock, Beer and Ale will be added to the Household Challenge as staples of the weekly budget.


Tatiana Dokuchic
03 Mar 2023 05:07:53PM
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Provence Coeur: The Mill

Property Rentals

The Mill has been rented.

Visit the Provence Coeur Information Centre for all available rentals

Tatiana Dokuchic
02 Mar 2023 12:15:34PM
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Provence Coeur: The Mill

Property Rentals

TTRThe Mill Rental 230227.png

I'm delighted to announce this brand-new rental!  It's a little bit quirky and a whole lot of fun.  Perfect for someone that wants to make it their home base for roleplay.


This charming cottage is part of The Queen's Hamlet, a fantasy village built for Marie Antoinette to escape the rigours of court life.  
The house was designed with a rustic exterior including a faux water-wheel that helps circulate water through a small canal and into the pond of the Petit Trianon. 

This rental property has a large backyard with an ocean view.


This house can be rented for L$750 per week which includes a prim allowance of 200.

Arrangements for the purchase of additional prims may be made by contacting TatianaDokuchic Varriale.

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Tatiana Dokuchic
20 Feb 2023 01:42:11PM
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[AoR] Household Management Challenge

News & Events

The Chatelaine.png

Do you have what it takes to keep your household happy?  Find out by joining the [AoR] Household Challenge (HHC)!

Based on real-life family budgets*, the HHC keeps you busy producing, trading, and purchasing the weekly provisions necessary to keep your household thriving.

Tatiana will help you set up your personalized HH Manager crafter.  She will need a full permission picture to display.  Your profile picture will work nicely.


For convenience the HH Management scoreboard is located in the QH [AoR] Market.

Levels of difficulty:

  • Individual: A household of one person
  • Family: A household of five people
  • Estate: A household of ten people, including staff.

Choose your starting level.  If ever you find the challenge too easy or too difficult you can always switch levels taking your earned points with you.


Progress bar:

Keeps track of your accomplishments and runs from 0 to 100.  One hundred points is considered a full year of management.  After the first year is completed the progress bar is reset for the second year.  Your total points continued to be displayed on the HH Management crafter (they are also stored in the AoR Database so they will never be lost).


Once a week:

Use your personalize HH Manger crafter to provide the HH basic provisions and the HH extra provisions.  You will receive one point for each successful transaction.

Individual level Basic example (in units, so 40 slices of bread which equals 5 loaves of bread)


Individual level Extra example (in units, so 5 glasses of Apple Cider or one bottle)



The provisions may change slightly over the course of the year depending on the season.

Provisions may be procured in varies way:; hand-crafted by the player themselves; purchased or bartered from another player; purchased from Myriam.  To encourage our roleplay please use Myriam as a last resort.  If an item is out-of-stock you can contact Tatiana to replenish the supply.


Once a month:

Use your personalize HH Manger crafter to provide the HH special provisions.  You will receive one point for a successful transaction plus an award ribbon that can be displayed on your HH Manager crafter.

For the month of March 2023 the challenge consists of:

  • 1 (6 units) Egg Board
  • 1 (8 units) Potato Soup
  • 1 (8 units) Apple Pie
  • 1 (8 units) Orange Tea
  • 1 (5 units) Hard Cider - any brand will do.


Start at any time:

It’s never too early or too late to start playing.


Go At Your Own Pace:

The only expectations are those you set for yourself.  If once a week is just way too much work, you can participate as often as feels like fun for you.  The monthly challenge is, of course, optional.  Some players may wish to skip it while others will ignore weekly and just play monthly.  It’s all good!



* A New System of Practical Domestic Economy:  Founded on Modern Discoveries and the Private Communications of Persons of Experience

Image: Historical Jewelry: The Chatelaine

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Tatiana Dokuchic
07 Dec 2021 06:46:54AM
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[AoR] Interest in Coffee Professionals?

News & Events

Aph has graciously offered to be our primary coffee professional.

Tatiana Dokuchic
06 Dec 2021 08:50:29AM
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[AoR] Interest in Coffee Professionals?

News & Events


We will soon be adding coffee to the AoR menu.

At the most basic level this involves Myriam selling roasted coffee beans which are put through a grinder.  The resulting coffee grounds are then brewed to make a pot of coffee.

If anyone is interested in becoming a Coffee Professional, the coffee production chain would be changed so that Myriam would sell green coffee beans that the professional would roast before grinding and brewing.  This Coffee Professional would be responsible for selling their roasted coffee beans, coffee grounds, and brewed coffee. 

In either case, regular coffee lovers would still be able to grind and brew their coffee at home.

This could make for an interesting profession which might include the running of a Coffeehouse  and, in time, the variety of coffee could be expanded.

You can indicate your interest in this discussion or contact me directly.  In the meantime, I'll be working on the basic scenario.



Tatiana Dokuchic
09 Nov 2021 01:23:21PM
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[AoR] Pizza

AoR Resources

Pizza is now on the menu!

Is it appropriate for the 18th century?  You bet!  See history of pizza for an overview.

We're starting out with some classics, Pizza Marinara & Pizza Margherita.

As it turns out, even simple pizza has a whole lot of ingredients that had to be added to AoR:

  • Pizza_dough (Dough maker)
  • Tomato_sauce (Cast iron pot)

  • Basil (Herb pot)
  • Garlic
  • Olive_oil
  • Oregano (Herb pot)
  • Oregano_dried (Herb dryer)

All ingredients are also available from Myriam until such time as our merchants can provide them.

Due to system limitations of six ingredients per recipe you will see that Margherita has been based on Marinara with some additions.  This allows for more complex recipes by going through the oven twice.

Tasty samples are available in the Market.

See  Recipes  for all the details


Pizza Capricciosa (tomato, mushroom, olive) with new ingredients:

  • Mushroom
  • Olives_cured

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Tatiana Dokuchic
05 Nov 2021 07:13:56AM
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[AoR] Trades: Who does What

AoR Resources

Besides providing an overall view of our extended community, I hope this will help us to identify areas that could use more attention.  Sere and I tend to do many different tasks, filling in spots as the situation demands.  I've left most of that work out rather than cluttering things up.

This list is always going to be very fluid as interests tend to change.  Please do not hesitate to contact me with your current information so that I can make regular updates.


Tatiana Dokuchic
04 Nov 2021 06:25:38AM
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[AoR] Trades: Who does What

AoR Resources

As of: November 5, 2021

For the purpose of this list members will be considered to have a trade if they trade/sell products* (either through the Market or directly to individual members) and/or they pay automatic harvest taxes to their community.

Community Manager:

  • Italy - Rocca Sorrentina - Sere Timeless (Serenek Timeless)
  • Italy - Torbiato Franciacort - Contessa Elena Marina Foscari (Nimue Brezoianu)
  • Provence - The Abbey - Sister Margarete  (Umata Resident)
  • Provence - Queen's Hamlet - TatianaDokuchic Varriale
  • Venezia - Venezia - Abbondio Rezzonico (Eszterhazy2 Resident)


  • TatianaDokuchic Varriale (dried tea leaves)*
  • Una (Unalunaqat Resident)(dried herbs)*


  • Candace Ducatillon*
  • Stangbo Resident*

Chandler (Candles):

  • Candace Ducatillon*
  • Stangbo Resident*

Chandler (Soap):

  • Sere Timeless (Serenek Timeless)*


  • Ardrhys (ardrhys Resident)*

 Culinary (Baker)

  • Una (Unalunaqat Resident)(bread)*

Culinary (Cook)

  • Candace Ducatillon (soup)*
  • Catt (mjaucatt Resident) (soup)*
  • TatianaDokuchic Varriale (jam, tea)*
  • Una (Unalunaqat Resident)(butter, cream)*

Culinary (Pastry Chef)

  • Vacant

Farmer (Fruit):

  • Bessie(Satoharu Nakamura)
  • Catt (mjaucatt Resident)*
  • TatianaDokuchic Varriale*
  • Una (Unalunaqat Resident)

Farmer (Grain):

  • Ardrhys (ardrhys Resident)
  • Bessie(Satoharu Nakamura)
  • Catt (mjaucatt Resident)
  • Una (Unalunaqat Resident)

Farmer (Livestock):

  • Sere Timeless (Serenek Timeless) (milk)*
  • Una (Unalunaqat Resident) (milk)*

Farmer (Poultry):

  • Bessie(Satoharu Nakamura)
  • Catt (mjaucatt Resident) (eggs)*

Farmer (Tea):

  • TatianaDokuchic Varriale

Farmer (Vegetables):

  • Bessie(Satoharu Nakamura)
  • Catt (mjaucatt Resident)*
  • Una (Unalunaqat Resident)


  • Bessie(Satoharu Nakamura)
  • Una (Unalunaqat Resident)
  • TatianaDokuchic Varriale


  • Vacant

Merchant (variety of community goods):

  • Sere Timeless (Serenek Timeless) (milk)*
  • TatianaDokuchic Varriale (eggs, fruit, milk, vegetables)*

Oleoligist (Olive expert):

  • Banjo (BanjoBoy McGillivary)


  • Abbondio Rezzonico (Eszterhazy2 Resident)
  • Ardrhys (ardrhys Resident)*
  • Bessie(Satoharu Nakamura)
  • Contessa Elena Marina Foscari (Nimue Brezoianu)
  • Sister Margarete  (Umata Resident)
  • Raffaele Antonio Granara (Delos Helstein)
  • Sere Timeless (Serenek Timeless)
  • TatianaDokuchic Varriale*

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