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[AoR] Security & Permissions Explained

Tatiana Dokuchic
3 weeks ago
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Here’s a quick explanation of the workings of AoR security and permissions.

AoR objects can only be used by AoR players.  The first thing that any AoR object does when activated (rezzed, touched, sat on) by an avatar is to verify that avatar is a registered player of the AoR system. 

If the avatar is not a registered player, they will likely receive the message “Sorry, this crafter/product is exclusive to Age of Reason members”.


When an AoR player owns an AoR object they often have the ability to set the permissions for that object as follows:               

  • Public – any AoR player can interact with the object.
  • Group – any AoR player that is in the same Second Life group as the object can interact with the object.
  • Community – any AoR player that is in the same Community as the object/owner can interact with the object.
  • Owner – only the owner can interact with the object.

Owners of harvesters (grain fields, trees, etc.) may assign individual workers to interact with their harvesters. These workers must be AoR players for the interaction to succeed.


When rezzed, an AoR object will have default permissions. 

For example, barrels and cheeseboxes default to Community.  Everyone in the Queen’s Hamlet Community can use Tatiana’s cheeseboxes unless Tatiana changes the permissions through the Security Menu.  This means that nefarious cheese thieves, should they exist in the Queen’s Hamlet Community, could also steal Tat’s cheese if she is lax on security!

For meals, the default is Public.  Any AoR player may help themselves to a portion of the meal unless the owner changes the permissions.  If you have rezzed a big bowl of Risotto that you intend to eat all by yourself, it may be prudent to change the permission to Owner. 

Where applicable, the level of security is displayed in the menu presented when the object is activated.  Only the owner has access to the security function allowing them to change settings.


Security is an important component of our roleplay, shielding us from silly mistakes (ask me about those AES wheat fields) and malicious intentions (don’t get me started on this).  Done well, it works behind the scenes enhancing our play without us even realizing it.

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