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Saffia Widdershins
12 Sep 2009 08:50:14AM @saffia-widdershins:
Thank you! I'm looking forward to learning all about the courts!
Fiorino Pera
13 Sep 2009 01:22:10PM @fiorino-pera:
Thanks for the add in Royal Courts and for listing so many discussion starters. Hopefully it will invite a lot of participation. Best wishes!
Sol Pau
14 Sep 2009 01:53:09PM @sol-pau:
Dear Tatiana, thak you very much for inviting me. A great hug
Ephe Luik
16 Sep 2009 07:32:09PM @ephe-luik:
Thank you Tatiana, these dresses are made with passion and lots of patience:)I cant see the marketplace you mentioned :(All the best
Beatrice Eberhardt
20 Sep 2009 03:54:53PM @beatrice-eberhardt:
Vielen Dank, Tatiana. I look forward to being part of the Royal Courts and to exploring the Duch de Coeur.