Ephe Luik
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Trasgo Beaumont
21 Dec 2009 06:12:23AM @trasgo-beaumont:
Thank you for your offering madame, is an honour to be among your friends!
Aria Nicholls
08 Jan 2010 06:44:54PM @aria-nicholls:
Thank you for befriending me. :)
Capacitatodd Principe diMelioria
16 Jan 2010 08:20:49AM @capacitatodd-principe-dimelioria:
What a pleasure to have found someone not only a delight for the eyes but one who creates beauty whenever she touches a needle. I am honored.
Docteur Panacek
30 Mar 2010 04:17:44AM @docteur-panacek:
Thank you so kindly Mylady Luik, for your offer of friendship, which i am accepting wit great joy. Your skills as a clothes designer are well famous in the Duchy. If you ever should think of designing an 18th century men clothes line, count me in. You will never believe it, but I do have some experience as a model, in my younger days. In the mean time, should you be in need of my medical skills, do not hesitate to call me.Your servant, Dr. P.
Captain Sir Walter Gedenspire
30 Mar 2010 07:40:29AM @captain-sir-walter-gedenspire:
My Dear!It is a signal honour to accept your kind off of friendship.My twin Stormy has told me so much about you.I am looking forward to the pleasure of your company.Your servant,Gedenspire, Captain 11th Hussars,