Fiorino Pera
Avatar: Fiorino Pera
VW: Second Life

Location: Roma
Country: IT
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Roy100 Allen
13 Sep 2009 02:12:55PM @roy100-allen:
Most welcome , hope you enjoy the Principality
Capacitatodd Principe diMelioria
27 May 2010 09:32:11AM @capacitatodd-principe-dimelioria:
To la sua altezza magestic re del gambero ScampiWhat a pleasure!Il vostro servo lealeCapacitatodd
Conte Myron di Loredan
03 Sep 2010 01:21:10AM @conte-myron-di-loredan:
Fiorino,I have not yet left France as I am recuperating in a palace here. My falcon Porthos keep me company and my servants let him out so I can watch him hunt pigeons. Porthos hunt with great skill but need more practice as some pigeons at rare occasions almost escape him. I hope to recover and return to my duties soon but I need time to heal. I feel blessed to have such friends in Venezia who think of my well-being, and look forward when I return to the republic with complete health.With best regards to the orphans,Conte Myron di Loredan
Contessa Elena Marina Foscari
19 Oct 2010 11:26:37AM @contessa-elena-marina-foscari:
couldn't resist this, I know its not the same but it made me think of your Asino....
Contessa Elena Marina Foscari
29 Oct 2010 02:57:30AM @contessa-elena-marina-foscari:
My Dear Fiorino,I am so glad that you like the little Cavallino. I was told by the Gentleman at the Horse market that these Ponies come from an island far to the north of Scotland. They are said to be very sturdy, very loyal to their owners, and what they lack in size they make up for in spirit. He said they were very feisty. If yours does well in our warmer climate, I am considering getting some more and perhaps breeding them.I look forwards to seeing you and the other children soon, and hope meanwhile that you all stay well. Please pass my best wishes on to all the children.with affection Contessina Elena Marina Foscari