Conte Myron di Loredan
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Conte Myron di Loredan
17 Jan 2010 04:51:09PM @conte-myron-di-loredan:
hi Elizabeth! yes i finally registered ;D
Fiorino Pera
23 Jun 2010 09:21:29AM @fiorino-pera:
==========================LA SERENISSIMA REPUBBLICA DI VENEZIA==========================This morning, our fair city woke up to find that during the night the tide had risen more then usual, and has flooded most of the city.Venetians are used to such an event, but damage has occured in various parts of the city.With this in mind, and concerned with the comfort and well being of all our visitors, the Council has decided to postpone the Regatta with the boat and gondola races that were planned for Friday 25 June. We will wait a couple of weeks for the waters to go down.An anouncement will be sent out as soon as it is considered safe for the event to take place.Nimue Brezoianu and Fiorino PeraGame Managers for Serenissima Repubblica di Venezia
Lord Myron de Verne
01 Aug 2010 09:55:20AM @lord-myron-de-verne:
Dear Conte, dear friend,I admired your paintings at the Coeur Contest of the Art Festival! Sincerely, I hope you win, you deserve it...but we gentlemen know that competition in art does not mean much:) It's all in the careful craft and feelings inspired to the artist AND to its public: you have shown us what a dedicated servant of Art and Beauty you are!Many thanks and Compliments!
Federico Maria Giovanelli
01 Sep 2010 06:01:57AM @federico-maria-giovanelli:
Excellent and dear Conte di Loredan:The news of your recent injuries during the king's hunt were quite disturbing to me and to many of us who remain in Venezia after the flood. Know that you are remembered with great recognition and affection by many. I pray for you daily before O.L.J.C., that your recovery may be rapid and complete.In fide,+Federico Maria GiovanelliPatriarca di Venezia
Fiorino Pera
01 Sep 2010 07:33:54PM @fiorino-pera:
Stimato Signor Ambasciatore:the orphans working on the Melioria farms heard today of the injuries Vostra Eccellenza has from the French. Please get well soon! There is a nice room at the orphanage with a well aired balcony. I am sure that Vostra Eccellenza can stay there to gain again the health. Maybe in the evenings Vostra Eccellenza can tell stories to the orphans of the Ambassador's adventures or tell us about Hawking!! My companions and I are eager for the safe and happy return of our favorite Signor Ambasciatore.Fiorino