King Jason Φ Fox
Avatar: guardianx
VW: Second Life

Location: Croi Sionnach
Country: FR
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A.D. 2013 - Registered Royalty:  King  Jason Φ Fox                                   Acting "KING" of:  Oileán Croí Sionnach

Member of Royal Courts of Second Life and other Virtual Worlds (transfered to Living History of Virtual Worlds). In real life I am Genealogically descendant from the bloodline of the Dukes of Burgundy. Officially referred to as: "Les Ducs de Bourgogne". Genetic research and historical geneology also points to a heritage to the King of Dal Riata, now known as Ireland and Scotland. Through this website I am a recognized Royal within Virtual Reality, a world which I occupy and live in. With this registration in Living History VW I claim my title as a member of the Royal House of the " Φ Fox "  family lineage.

My name is: King Jason Φ Fox and I am acting King of a magnificent Tropical Island in one of Second Life`s Oceans and married to Queen Acca Larentia Hehewati Φ Fox.

I am Happily married and we have a daughter & son by the names of: Princess Sarah V. Φ Fox  & Prince Michael J. Φ Fox

I am currently performing the role of King within the Kingdom of Croí Sionnach, which is a tropical island off of the shores of Paradise Cove. "Croí Sionnach" is Irish and translates to: "Fox Heart". 

Commonly known as "Oileán Croí Sionnach" (Fox Heart Island)

(( RL Direct Descendant of the Kings of France and Dukes of Burgundy ))


Lady Leena Fandango
26 Apr 2013 04:57:24PM @lady-leena-fandango:

Welcome to the Royal Courts here in the ning :))

It's very interesting that you've done your real life genealogy and incorporated it into your Second Life :)