King Jason Φ Fox
Avatar: guardianx
VW: Second Life

Location: Croi Sionnach
Country: FR
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A.D. 2013 - Registered Royalty:  King  Jason Φ Fox                                   Acting "KING" of:  Oileán Croí Sionnach

Member of Royal Courts of Second Life and other Virtual Worlds (transfered to Living History of Virtual Worlds). In real life I am Genealogically descendant from the bloodline of the Dukes of Burgundy. Officially referred to as: "Des Ducs de Bourgogne". Genetic research and historical geneology also points to a heritage to the King of Dal Riata, now known as Ireland and Scotland. Through this website I am a recognized Royal within Virtual Reality, a world which I occupy and live in. With this registration in Living History VW I claim my title as a member of the Royal House of the " Φ Fox "  family lineage.

My name is: King Jason Φ Fox and I am acting King of a magnificent Tropical Island in one of Second Life`s Oceans and married to Queen Acca Larentia Hehewati Φ Fox.

We are happily married and have a daughter by the name of: Princess Sarah Victoria Φ Fox.

I am currently performing the role of King within the Kingdom of Croí Sionnach, which is a tropical island off of the shores of Paradise Cove. "Croí Sionnach" is Irish and translates to: "Fox Heart". 

Commonly known as "Oileán Croí Sionnach" (Fox Heart Island)


Lady Leena Fandango
26 Apr 2013 04:57:24PM @lady-leena-fandango:

Welcome to the Royal Courts here in the ning :))

It's very interesting that you've done your real life genealogy and incorporated it into your Second Life :)