Sister Margarete Blanchett
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Margarete Blanchette grew up in the Provence area of France.  Born to a poor family she worked the Lavender fields with her family from the age of nine years.  It was a simple but happy life and they wanted for very little.  The land owner was kind and generous and the work was rewarding.  Margarete’s Mother saw to it that the girl attended church on a regular basis and said her nightly prayers before bed.


Margarete came to love the work she did and found great joy in tending the fields where she could listen to the hum of nature and feel the richness of the Earth.


Then one day, while working one of the further fields she heard the Call to Serve.  With a joyous heart she sought permission from her parents and the parish priest to enter the Abbey of Our Lady of the Rosary at the age of fifteen.


Here the nuns taught her to read and write and schooled her in the ways of the church and religious doctrine.  After four years of study and prayer and working in the fields and gardens of the Abbey, she was appointed as Abbess


It is her fervent hope to be able to work, through her faith, towards the betterment of her community and the people and church she serves.  A quiet and humble young woman, she hopes to produce wine for the enjoyment of the community at large.