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Special Awards Ceremony & Savoyard Delegation

By: Ekaterina Vorontsova-Dashkova
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The Empress Puts on the Order On Its Newest Recipient.png

The award ceremony for our newest patron Knyazhna Varvara N. Golitsyna’s courage against her uncle’s alleged crimes certainly attracted a few jealous eyes from other young ladies, but also shone in many bachelors' eyes! Everyone was surprised by the Empress' decision to also take her as a Freylina (Maid of Honour).

The Savoyards Expensive Gift to the Empress.png

The Savoyard Delegation was represented by their Ambassador, half-brother of King of Sardinia - Duc de Chablais. The Empress was very pleased with their gift - a   stomacher brooch that was prepared for her, and was pleasantly surprised how grown and pretty his daughter was.

Let Us Dance.png

To celebrate the Savoyard Delegation, the Empress took the Ambassador for the first dance, and all joined in, including Graf Sheremetev who showed possibly signs of affection towards Baryshnya Anna Vorontsova by sharing their first dance!

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Celebrations Are In Order.png

First Dance.png

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