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Aimee Wheatcliffe
23 Feb 2012 12:24:51PM @aimee-wheatcliffe:

Thank you for the comment on the picture of my wedding

Joe Athenais
07 Mar 2012 02:05:44PM @joe-athenais:

Ah, merci for the friend request mademoiselle! It's so good to see you here!

Émilie du Châtelet
22 Mar 2012 05:16:59AM @emilie-du-chatelet:

Many thanks :) :)

Summer Serendipity
25 Mar 2012 09:52:54AM @summer-serendipity:

Thank you, Anne ( : I accept with pleasure.

Marie-Henriette de Bregonis
26 Mar 2012 10:34:49AM @marie-henriette-de-bregonis:

Dearest Mlle de Coucy,

Thank you so much for your kind welcome. I would very much like to meet you and your family for a possible connection. I have friended you inworld as well.

Your friend,

Henrietta-Marie Bregonis