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Do we adapt to our environment?

By: Ekaterina Vorontsova-Dashkova
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Amidst the discussion on idea of our ability to adapt to the environment and "family tree" of all living organisms as proposed by Pallas, unbeknownst to the courtiers then, the Vice-Chancellor's only daughter was suffering from heartbreak after a short-lived fling with aknown womanizer (it's not known who but Knyaz Alexander N. Dolgorukov is suspected). Afterwards, some staff swore they saw her sob silently in the hallway before returning home. Certainly, it wasn't a fling for her!

When someone mentioned her decision to sponsor the poor Smolnyi Institute final years to get higher education in maths & botany, Dashkova seemed most eager to return to the discussion topic. Is she hiding something? Is her sponsorship more than just advancing young girls' education? Regardless of real intentions, she certainly showed herself unable to skillfully "adapt" to court intrigues...

Later on the same day Dashkova's tea salon took place, Tzarevich Pavel eagerly left the capital, feeling a sense of (timed) freedom.

What could await him there? Certainly, meeting his admired relative King Frederick the Great was at the top of things he'd like to do!

NB: Pavel's events will be halted for the duration of his absence from Saint Petersburg until his return announcement.

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