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Diary of Mademoiselle la Princesse d'Aïana

By madamedaiana, 2024-07-03
Diary of Mademoiselle la Princesse d'Aïana

2 juillet 17xx

My heart is heavy with both relief and disappointment as I pen down the events of the past few days. The anticipation of a potential suitor, Arthur de Crownguard, arriving at our estate had initially filled me with cautious hope. His letters, filled with eloquent praises and assurances of his noble intentions, had painted a portrait of a charming gentleman worthy of my consideration. 

Arthur arrived three days ago, and I must admit, his first impression was nothing short of captivating. Tall, with striking features and a demeanor that exuded confidence, he was the embodiment of the suitor my father would have deemed appropriate. His initial conduct seemed impeccable, his conversation witty and engaging. Yet, as the days unfolded, so too did the layers of his true character.

On the first evening, during a dinner in his honor, Arthur's charm began to show cracks. His boasts of hunting prowess and tales of courtly intrigue quickly grew tiresome. He seemed more interested in hearing himself speak than in engaging in meaningful dialogue. His eyes, which I initially found enchanting, often wandered from mine, revealing a disinterest that stung more than his words.

By the second day, his behavior had shifted from merely self-absorbed to outright ungentlemanly. He took liberties with our servants, treating them with a condescension that was both unbecoming and unacceptable. His attempts at flattery became invasive, his compliments turning into presumptuous remarks that disregarded my dignity and personal space.

The final straw came yesterday during a walk in the gardens. Arthur, in a moment of misplaced bravado, seized my hand without consent, pulling me closer than propriety allowed. His laughter at my discomfort was the epitome of disrespect. It was in that instant I knew—Arthur de Crownguard was a man who valued no one but himself.

Upon returning to the estate, I made the decision to end this ill-fated courtship. I confronted Arthur, expressing in no uncertain terms that his presence was no longer welcome. His reaction, a mixture of feigned surprise and indignation, only solidified my resolve. He departed this morning, his promises of retribution falling on deaf ears.

As I reflect on these past few days, I am reminded of my own worth and the standards I must uphold. A suitor, no matter how charming his facade, must possess a genuine respect for others and an honorable character. Arthur de Crownguard, despite his aristocratic title, was nothing more than a reminder that true nobility lies in one's actions, not one's birthright.

Today, I find solace in my own strength and the unwavering support of my household. My heart is lighter, free from the burden of false pretenses and unworthy intentions. I am reminded that I am better off alone than in the company of a man who does not respect or value me.

The future remains uncertain, but I am reassured by the knowledge that I am capable of discerning true virtue from mere veneer. In this, I find empowerment, and I am ready to continue my journey, with or without a suitor, as Princesse d'Aïana.

With love,


Diary of Mademoiselle la Princesse d'Aïana

By madamedaiana, 2024-06-27
Diary of Mademoiselle la Princesse d'Aïana

27 juin 17xx

Today marks the somber anniversary of the passing of my great-grandfather, Louis-Antoine Guarocuya. The weight of his legacy, so intricately woven into the fabric of my existence, guided my steps this morning to the humble chapel at the heart of our estate. 

The air was crisp as I approached the chapel, the early summer sun casting a golden hue over the meticulously tended gardens. The fragrance of blooming roses mixed with the lingering scent of morning dew, a gentle reminder of the cycle of life and the passage of time. 

Inside, the chapel was quiet, save for the soft rustle of my gown and the distant chirping of birds outside. The stillness was profound, a sanctuary from the tumult of court life and the relentless demands of my position. I knelt before the altar, lighting a single candle in memory of Louis-Jean. The flame flickered, casting dancing shadows that seemed to echo the vibrant yet tumultuous life he led.

As I prayed, I thought of his journey from the distant shores of Aiyana to the opulent halls of Versailles. His resilience and fortitude, traits that have been a guiding light for our family, stood as a testament to the strength of our heritage. His legacy is one of honor and perseverance. It is a legacy that I am both humbled and proud to uphold.

Leaving the chapel, I felt a renewed sense of purpose. My great-grandfather's spirit, his unwavering dedication to our family and his unyielding pursuit of excellence, continues to inspire me. It is my duty to honor his memory, not just in moments of reflection, but through my actions and contributions to the world around me.

As I returned to the estate, the lively chatter from the household staff filled the air. Listening to my steward, who provided me the latest news on the financial matters of the estate, I see the continued work of my great-grandfather's dreams.

This day, marked by remembrance and reverence, reinforces my commitment to the values he cherished. I shall carry his torch forward, illuminating the path for future generations, just as he did for me.

Diary of Mademoiselle la Princesse d'Aïana

By madamedaiana, 2024-06-22
Diary of Mademoiselle la Princesse d'Aïana

22 juin 17xx

Today, I received delightful news from Monsieur Baumé. With his characteristic efficiency and attention to detail, Pierre-Louis informed me of a plot of land up for auction in the Faubourg Saint-Germain district of Paris. This district has long held a certain allure for me, its fashionable townhomes and vibrant atmosphere promising a perfect blend of elegance and activity.

Pierre-Louis, ever the dependable steward, detailed the attributes of the plot: its favorable location, ample size, and the potential it holds for creating a stunning hôtel. His enthusiasm mirrored my own, and I could see the vision taking shape even as he spoke. This plot is not merely a piece of land; it is the foundation of our future presence in Paris, a testament to the d'Aïana legacy.

Without hesitation, I instructed Pierre-Louis to contact my banker and secure a bid for the plot. The excitement in his eyes was unmistakable, and I knew he shared my determination to acquire this valuable piece of real estate. The thought of Hôtel d'Aïana rising in Faubourg Saint-Germain, a beacon of our family's influence and heritage, fills me with pride.

I trust Pierre-Louis implicitly, knowing he will navigate the complexities of the auction with skill and diligence. His loyalty and competence have been invaluable to me, and I am confident he will secure the plot at a favorable price. As we move forward with this endeavor, I am filled with a sense of purpose and ambition. This new residence will be more than a home; it will be a hub for our business, a center for cultural exchange, and a symbol of our enduring legacy.

I can already envision the grand façade of Hôtel d'Aïana, the elegant salons where I will host gatherings of the brightest minds, and the serene gardens that will provide a sanctuary from the bustle of city life. The future is bright, and with Pierre-Louis to assist, I am eager to embrace this new chapter.


Diary of Mademoiselle la Princesse d'Aïana

By madamedaiana, 2024-06-21
Diary of Mademoiselle la Princesse d'Aïana

21 juin 17xx

This morning, I had the pleasure of meeting with Pierre-Louis Baumé, my new steward, whose expertise and dedication will be instrumental in managing the estate. Though his primary responsibility is overseeing my father's farms in this region, I have also entrusted him with providing guidance on the coffee and estates in Saint-Domingue. His knowledge and experience are exactly what we need to ensure both domains flourish.

Our discussion was thorough and insightful. Pierre-Louis possesses a keen understanding of agricultural management and has already proposed several improvements for the farms here. His suggestions for my late Maman's estates in Saint-Domingue are equally promising. We reviewed the accounting books together, despite his hesitations, and he provided valuable insights into optimizing production and enhancing our trade routes. I am confident that with his stewardship, we will see considerable growth and prosperity.

In addition to the administrative duties, I have dispatched a commission for new furnishings. The current decor, though charming, does not reflect the vibrant and renewed spirit I wish to cultivate here. I have chosen pieces that embody elegance and comfort, aiming to create an atmosphere that is both welcoming and reflective of my heritage. This endeavor will not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the château but also signify a fresh start for all who reside and visit here.

This afternoon, I had a heartfelt meeting with Father Antoine, the local priest. Our conversation was deeply moving, as he shared the needs and struggles of the parish. I have pledged to increase donations to the church, ensuring that it remains a pillar of support and faith for the community. Additionally, I am establishing a charitable fund dedicated to aiding the poor. This fund will provide essential resources and assistance to those in need, reflecting our commitment to social responsibility and compassion.

Reviewing the detailed account book has been both enlightening and somewhat daunting. The expenses, while necessary, are substantial. Household staff salaries alone amount to a significant sum, but I am grateful for their loyalty and the seamless operation they ensure at the château. The salaries for Jacques Lefevre, our butler, Elise Martin, our cook, and the rest of the dedicated staff are well-earned, and I am committed to maintaining their welfare as they do ours.

Agricultural costs and estate management fees also add up, yet they are crucial for the sustainability of our farms and estates. Pierre-Louis’s fee is a worthwhile investment, given the value he brings in overseeing and improving our operations. The expenses for farm workers in both France and Aiyana are essential for maintaining productivity and ensuring the quality of our produce, from wheat and wine to coffee, sugar, and rum.

Personal expenses, while reflective of my station, must be managed judiciously. Clothing, shoes, jewelry, and hair styling are not just indulgences but symbols of the dignity and status my family has upheld for generations. Still, I am mindful of the need to balance these costs with the overall financial health of the estate.

As I write this entry, I am filled with a sense of purpose and hope. The work ahead is substantial, but with the help of capable individuals like Pierre-Louis and the guidance of Father Antoine, I am confident that we will achieve our goals. Château d'Aïana is not just a residence; it is a symbol of resilience, renewal, and generosity.

With unwavering resolve,

Diary Of Mademoiselle la Princesse d'Aïana

By madamedaiana, 2024-06-20
Diary Of Mademoiselle la Princesse d'Aïana

20 juin 17xx

Today marks my arrival at the Château d'Aïana. I have very little memories of this place, though there was a friendly, plump cook who often gave me sweets as a child.

But now, as a woman and chatelaine in my father's absence, managing such an estate has become my major endeavor.

The journey here was long and reflective. As the carriage approached the gates of Château d'Aïana, I felt a mixture of apprehension and resolve. Stepping out, I was greeted by a genteel household staff of twelve, their demeanor both welcoming and respectful. They introduced themselves with warmth, each name and face adding to the sense of community I hope to foster here.

The staff graciously showed me through the rooms of the château, each one steeped in a quiet elegance that spoke of a different life, one I am now tasked with overseeing. They presented the accounting books, detailed records that my father meticulously maintained. As I reviewed these documents, I was struck by the enormity of the responsibility that now rests upon my shoulders. The management of this estate is not merely about maintaining its physical beauty but ensuring its prosperity for the future.

Shortly after my arrival, I was introduced to Madame de Varriale, a wealthy and influential landowner of the region. Her reputation precedes her, known for her wisdom and efficiency in managing vast estates. Madame de Varriale graciously offered to show me around her estates, sharing invaluable insights and practical advice on estate management. Her guidance has already proven indispensable, and I am grateful for her willingness to assist me during this transitional period.

Madame de Varriale took me through the surrounding lands, highlighting the fertile fields and lush vineyards that make this region so bountiful. She introduced me to several key figures in the community, fostering connections that will be vital for the smooth operation of the estate. Her expertise in household management is evident, and I intend to implement many of her suggestions to ensure that Château d'Aïana runs with the same precision and grace.

As the day draws to a close, I find myself sitting in the study, reflecting on the events of this momentous day. The château, with its serene beauty and the promise of a new beginning, fills me with both hope and determination. The staff’s loyalty and Madame de Varriale’s mentorship are invaluable assets, and I am confident that, together, we will uphold the legacy of this estate.

In dedication,