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Lady Aphrodite Macbain Backstory

Lady Aphrodite Macbain
one month ago
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My name is Aphrodite Macbain. I have lived in Sorrentina for about nine years and manage the little cafe on the port. Almost every Saturday at 11 AM you can find me there serving coffee to locals and members of the cafe. I am also a painter of botanical art work and grow herbs and flowers to sell in the market.

I was born in Scotland. My husband, Lord Hubert Macbain travelled with Captain James Cook during his explorations of the West Coast of America. He, along with Cook, was drowned at sea in 1780 when his ship HMS Thunderer, was sunk by a hurricane. 

Having no family left in Scotland, I decided to take the Grande Tour of Europe, using the money from the sale of our castle. It was then that I discovered Rocca Sorrentina on the west coast of Italy in the Bay of Naples. I now call it home.

Lady Aphrodite Macbain (please call me "Aph")

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