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AoR Concepts (v 1.0)

Serenek Timeless
2 months ago
29 posts

Your first look at some of the details we envision for AoR (all 13 fun-filled pages!) can be found in the newly posted " AoR Concepts (v.1.0) - Public " document in the AoR Planning Folder.  We want your feedback, so please provide your comments, ideas, and questions as responses to this post.  

updated by @serenek-timeless: 15 Aug 2020 10:02:51PM
Lady Aphrodite Macbain
one month ago
25 posts

I am delighted! You have done a lot of work and put a great deal of thought into this and presented it in a lighthearted accessible way. I look forward to watching things as they progress. Thank you.

Serenek Timeless
one month ago
29 posts

Tatiana and I have received some comments on the AoR Concepts paper via notecard inworld.  I am going to summarize them (anonymously) here so that we have a complete record of the feedback all in one place.


  • Concerns were raised about limiting people to membership in just one community.  It was noted that in the 18th c. there were people who owned property in and travelled back and forth between two (or more) countries.  Further, there are a number of AoR potentil users who are already parts of more than one AoR region.
  • The meaning of the symbols on the current version of the AoR HUD (the √, X, and - ) isn't clear to some on first glance.

  • It was suggested that the AoR HUD have a minimize button as well as a close/detach button.

  • Can the HUD Meter text be configurable to show to all, group, self? Some find it very annoying to see a room full of floating text at a community gathering. Along the same lines, it would be helpful if one could configure the visibility of others' Meter text even if one is nott using the AoR system personally. 

  • Similarly, lots of floating text above AoR objects, like food,  should be minimized.  It would be preferrable to see the details upon mouse hover, with perhaps a simple bit of floating text or a floating symbol to alert one that the food is not merely a prop.