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The diary of Georgiana G. : A Description the Devonshire's Party

Georgiana Fitzherbert Grace
9 years ago
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Hello I'm back for another round now this one was shocking as it resembled a scene from the film the duchess... Well anywho let's start well the first park of this little booklet that my ancestor wrote is a description of what people wore there:) these were sent to her mother often so expect comments that aren't mineThe Devonshire Party: October 4 1786People with notable clothing:Me: the dress:blue loose muslin dress with White belt and diamond buckle. Hair: no wig plain old papilion curled hair with long curls coming around my chest and behind. Hair Piece: ostrich feathers with White roses and ribbon of diamond crusts on both feathers and ribbon in and out through the hair. Shoes: White heels with small bows of blue. jewellery: necklace with diamonds 6 pink ad rest normal and pear shaped pearl earrings.The Duchess of devonshire:Dress: her dress was a lavish muslin dress in green (it suited her very well) with a nice matching White and yellow dotted sash belt. Hair: same as mine but much bigger and longer curls than mine. Hairpiece: silk turban similar fabric to sash belt with a few peacock feathers in the centre and some pearls hanging over I believe. Shoes: she wore white ones similar to mine but she had green ribbons on them lovely on the shoes. Jewellery: she wore a nice pearl bracelet with an enamel of her daughter Harryo I believe.Apparently no men decided to were anything lavish like me and the duchess and no ladies stood out that much only us Elizabeth foster wore A yellow dress it was horrible to much on her.The party:That night on the way to the party at Chatsworth we were getting flowers for the duchess and this little boy came to us and as I gave him the money he grabbed the silk I wrapped around my hand and a few coins from my purse that little bastard. Oh well you live to learn. At the doors we were the first few to arrive along with mr.Fox And some of the other Whig politics. The duke greeted us at the stairs with his slight bow and smile for us to carry on up the stairs . Where Georgiana was nowhere to be seen. I chatted with a few of the Whigs before getting worried and rushing to the banquet room where I saw Georgiana half drunk tumbling over some of the chairs. She greeted me oh Darling your here I was just about to come out I looked to her and said how are we to clean this mess G. His grace will kill you if he finds out just keep out of the public eye dearie. We can't risk your reputation now can we. He response was sshh they'll hear you. Who?. The dogs she said I was amazed come on I sad time for bed I guess but she yelled NO! So I let go incase of being arrested on suspicion of harming her. I was too late to take her out as they walked in to see her smiling with an empty glass of wine. 2 hours passed and not much had happened only a few slip ups like tripping but she continued to drink and finally she came in after using the "toilette" tripping and she went to the crowd and picked one man and began to dance with him in middle of hall she lost control and began to spin around the room and she hit against the statue that stands in the middle of the hall. It fell and knocked a candelabra setting fire to the curtains in the hall everyone ran out but her she just sat there crying after realising what she had done it was saddening. Just sat there crying I picked her up and brought her to bed with Elizabeth. The duke will not know mother and I want you to keep your mouth shut she is upset and very tired now so were staying in Chatsworth with her for a month or soPlease put these with the private collection in the back study dear mamaWith loveGeorgiana Christine L. GraceOmfg I love the letter with this she even has a detailed drawing of it if I can find itOh wellHope you enjoyed it I'll be posting more sooner or laterLoveGeorgiana Marie Alice Grace
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