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Another letter

Georgiana Fitzherbert Grace
9 years ago
95 posts
I as reading this earlier and I though how funny it was about how her father speaks to her here very much like me and my father:) I love how it just is enjoy it :)My dearest GeorgianaHow are you my little angel? I am doing well for now. I wish I could come home in time for your birthday party. I am delighted to hear you have found a man your sweet on but is he sweet for you be careful darling don't rush it as we have time. So do tell me what is the dauphine like is she nice, I have heard she is pretty and apparently she is only thirteen or fourteen ,no? I hope you are not sad over this to see that she is already married. There is lots of time to spare for you to find love. I hope their marriage is ok. I know that the dauphin can be quiet the bore at times and very shy. While she is interesting yet again she is not the best in her studies from what your brother Henri has said that she has not a proper French accent it is more of her german accent mashed into it. I have been informed by Louisette that you are spending too much. I am warning you once and only once if you dare buy that necklace you were telling mama about last time I will have you sent back here and you wont see another penny for years. Understood?I am disappointed to here that you have not been taking your studies seriously. And if you fail to pick up you'll be back with Charles in norway, young lady. Your mother is sending over some of your favourite recipes from the chef to have Louisette's chef make for you. And I'm heading to China in a few weeks if you wish to come please inform me in your next letter.As always your loving fatherEdward Charles Grace.Yours trulyGeorgiana Marie Alice G.
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