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A Richardstower Christmas Carol: Chapter II

By: Louis XVI
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Chapter II: You're a Mean One, Mr. Scrooge

16_blogs.png?width=750Scrooge has been doing his best to terrorise the people of Richardstower since his arrival in the district a few days ago. After questioning young Mirka and berating her for singing carols in the street, Scrooge went as far as reporting her to Constable Helendale.

17_blogs.png?width=750To say he is not a very nice man would be to understate the truth. He has already doubled the prices of local pints, scolded every local child he has seen, and tried to have the police raid the opium den by the harbour. Most importantly. he has forgotten to look after the poor urchins living above the pub. What will become of them in the cold winter without the food and drink provided to them free of charge by Mr. Lowe?