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A Richardstower Christmas Carol: Chapter IV

By: Louis XVI
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Chapter IV: Life and Death on Christmas Eve

20_blogs.png?width=750A great big jolly spirit entered the through door into Scrooge's drawing room. With dried tears still left on his cheeks, Scrooge looked up to see a face that was...almost recognisable. Calling himself the Ghost of Christmas 1880, he whisked Scrooge to the White Hart Inn, showing him poor Tiny Skyler, who shivers every night in the cold, with no parents, no food, no friends, and a cold bed to sleep in. How could Scrooge sit content by his fire while a poor child suffered such a fate on Christmas Eve? Even such a jolly spirit as the one enlightening Scrooge with such a vision could not see any good in that! Scrooge would now be left alone to ponder this sad thought back in his drawing room as he awaited the arrival of the third spirit.

The fireplace and the candles suddenly went out. Only Scrooge's personal candle remained lit. A violent wind burst in, and, as Scrooge covered his eyes from the current, a shadow loomed over him. It was the final spirit, the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come. In the strong gust, it would whisk away old Ebenezer to a morbid site; an empty cemetery.

21_blogs.png?width=750And there, lying beside all that morbidity was Scrooge's own grave. Ebenezer burst into tears as the languid and skeletal hand of the ghost pointed at the headstone. A raven looked on and called out the the old man's demise in the silence of the night.