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Diary entry, 21th of September 1768

user image 2010-09-21
By: Docteur Panacek
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Touraine, 21th of September 1768

Dear diary, I am so sorry for the fact that i havent written anything for over some months now. But I have been VERY busy lately.

My life was hectic. So many changes took place. Some wonderful, others more eh... sad

You know I wrote I thought I was falling in love? Well dear diary, believe me.. I did.
I met this lovely lady, Mademoiselle Stormy. She used to live in a nice cottage near the Mediterranean. I met her at Marias tavern, after my fight with the Mysterious Musketeer. A few days later I was walking in the Provence region as I noticed this lovely lady again, standing in her doorway and waving at me. Ok I must admit, someone had told me where I could find her so Our meeting wasnt entirely by chance We had a lovely talk. I found her very charming. And when I said goodbye, I did hope we would meet again.

Very big was my surprise that I got a letter the next day, where she apologized to me not having been a good host, because she didnt had offered me something to drink. So she asked if I wanted to come over and have a glass of champagne at her place. Can you imagine how I felt? Off course I accepted the invitation and when I saw her again I was sooo nervous I could only stumble some silly phrases Butit was the start of a great friendship. We had many nice and silly chats. I did liked her humor and jokes right away. And she was very sweet. I didnt dared to admit it, but I was falling in love

It wasnt till a friend of hers started to threaten me at the April Coeur fair, not to play with Stormys feelings that I realized there was something more going on. Could it be possible?

Ow my God I had been blind. Something had happened I could not hope for in my wildest dreams My dear friend Stormy had fallen in love with me also.

Dear diary,
I lived in some kind of happy arousal for days in a row. That first REAL slow, that first REAL kiss The feeling of being in love, being loved by someone Words fail me to describe the state I was in those first days. We became closer every day. Our love grew deeper and deeper. It was the time one could see me run from Touraine to Provence and vice versa. The time we exchanged love letters by pidgeon, so that you could follow the poop trail all from my cottage to hers

And I am eternally grateful to Maria and Fletch that they granted me the permission to propose Stormy on their wedding day. I felt the luckiest man on earth that moment she accepted. It was a moment never to forget.

Now we are so many months further in time. At the 6th of September I married the most wonderful woman in the universe. We found ourselves a nice home. I moved all my stuff over from my old cottage to our new place. There I have a nice room to see my patients now. We have lots of animals at our domain: cows, pigs, geese Even a few bears have been spotted nearby.

Also a sad thing happened. My infirmire left us. She already acted from a distance for some weeks In the end she was very angry at me. She didnt wanted to stay. She accused me from running away from things, from hiding in my work. She went berserk and threw lots of ugly words at my head

Maybe she was jealous at Stormy? I dont know. Even now, the nature of women is still not very clear to me.

Well,enough sadness. A new era in my life has started. I am becoming a settled civilian after all. I guess my wondering days are over. Instead of sleeping in a haystack one can see me sit in the Royal Opera these days. I even have started to like wine and champagne instead of beer. Although I will never refuse a good pint of Ale.

To conclude, I think captain Evans would have been proud of me. Cheers brother, where ever you are now. I am sure you are looking upon me from the heavens and are wishing me all the luck in the world now.


Aimee Wheatcliffe
23 Sep 2010 09:32:41AM @aimee-wheatcliffe:
All a love story (tears fall from my eyes) Cheers for the lovely couple and their future!Henriette.PS: Just take care of the nurse, women like her are insane on the bad way.