Welcome to Georgian London

Earl Verney
25 Mar 2019 08:41:22PM

Version 4.2019

Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen,
Welcome to Georgian London in Second Life

The aim of this role-play is to provide a wholesome and cultured experience within the eighteenth century. Set in a small part of London, we welcome you to explore the area, mixing with artists, actors, and all the social classes as we cover the historical events of the era.

The year is 1745 and London is at the centre of an ever expanding empire of commerce and global trade. The country is on edge with the potential threat of a Jacobite invasion, with Bonnie Prince Charlie landing his troops up in Scotland. Aristocrats are at their grandest and keen to establish their own social spheres. This was the time when royals under the Prince of Wales, become more in touch with society in contrast to the King and the formal court. The Whigs maintain their power despite the death of the great oligarch Sir Robert Walpole, and the Prince of Wales is leading the opposition government in patriotic rebellion against his father King George II. Rule, Britannia! Britannia rule the waves.


Where can I get a title?
In the past, historical communities centered around royal courts and the earning of titles and prestige. Our mission is to provide a cultural space for education and interactive roleplay. At this time, a new classed, the middle. Suddenly families with commercial backgrounds held vast wealth. As far as title goes, they are allowed, but must approved and integrated within the community. Fictional roles and titles are welcomed, as long as they can be assimilated within the roleplay. Knights, Baronets, Barons, and Viscounts should are allowed, but please notify the management so we can accommodate accordingly. Any rank of an Earldom, Marquessate, or a Dukedom must be entirely historical and approved by management.

What is our aim?
For now, we will be settled on this small parcel, which consists of a street and a selection of roleplay venues. Our aim is to develop a strong cast of characters and lay the foundations for a secured roleplay, before we expand any further. In the course of time, if this proves successful, we will expand to include more streets of London, and more historical buildings.

Will you be partnering with other historical sims?
We are open to the idea of mutual roleplay. Regardless of year or era, it could be a fun adventure for our members. However, we will be keeping contact with historical based role-plays. (No Steampunk, Alien, or Modern for example).

Revised 4.2019