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Every Step Taken; Chapter One

user image 2012-09-05
By: Graf Shuvalov
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Every Step Taken


The day was long, until the sun finally begun to set. I gazed lazily out the window, studying the monuments that decorated the gardens outside the window. The giant obelisk, a marvel from the ancient world, stood, not only as a testimony to the greatness of the Ancient Egyptians, a trophy in the gardens of the ageless Villa, but also served as giant sundial, letting all who viewed it, know the hour of day. As I pushed open the window, a gush of cool sea breeze swept into the warm apartment, cooling the room and bringing in comfort. Leaning down with my chin in my palm, I rested my elbows on the window frame, and watched as fishermen reeled in their catch, children head indoors, and inviting beauties take to the streets. For a moment I was lost in his admiration for the island, until I was disturbed by a knocking.

As I turned to look at the door, I seem to miss the chance to say come in, because she popped her head in. Whats so interesting in that corner? she said in her sweet, but mocking voice. Hello Lady Stewart, I said, gazing at her. Truth be told, I was annoyed, at her lack of decency, barging into my private quarters. But I weakly replied Observing life outside these walls, one of these days, you might frighten me unexpectedly, and Ill fall out the window. Her sapphire eyes, shimmered as she looked at me, gliding across the room as if she was walking on air. Standing face to face with me she replied I shall go where I please! and turned to settle into my favorite chair at my desk. I sighed, how right she was. As the daughter of the Ambassador, Lady Stewart, has privileges, equal to that of a princess. Would you stop calling me Lady Stewart? You dont need to be so formal Richard Did I forget to mention she had a commanding nature of a Princess too? I dont know why I even acknowledge you..all you ever do is mock, or comment on me I said.

Her witty self, always ready with a response Because you adore me, lets be honest. I do admit, perhaps because of my nature as man; always grant any wish of a beauty. Lady StewartI mean Henrietta...was extremely beautiful. Refined like ladies of her class, but often a step higher than them, her eyes shone brightly in a room, with porcelain skin, and strawberry lips. She had a beautiful figure, no man can resist, and a flirtatious nature, I would have been in love with instantly, had we not grown up like best friends.

Henrietta, how many times do I have to say, knock and wait to be admitted, its not proper She cut me off proper? I should apologize if I happen to walk in and your half way in one of the prossies? Or perhaps I shouldnt enter when youre losing your inheritance bit by bit to those strange chums you call friends. I blushed furiously, attempting to rebuild any form of self-respect you shouldnt talk to so frankly. Who cares? I speak the truth! she commanded, I do you a favor to make sure some woman didnt run off with your money, or some roguish men havent tied you up, You should be thankful to have a friend who cares!, not to mention you parents asked me to keep you in line, so all in all, you owe me. I rolled my eyes, as I turned, throwing myself into the couch what do you want Henrietta?

Your Mother wrote to meyou know to see if youre alive or if you ran off to god knows she said. I let out a long sigh, and closed my eyes. I started to count in my head, 5, 4, 3 counting down the seconds till Henrietta went off in a lecture...2, 1...I paused, waiting. Youre, youre mothers favorite, and she has done everything for you, you cant even.there it was, the lecture impossible to avoidyou cant even write to her to tell her your fine, the poor woman is worrying about her son...And on she goes, enough, wasnt church bad enough? Are you practicing or preaching to be a nun? I mocked. Her expression changed, and I could see I hit the right point, she was silent arent you cheeky she said. I laughed and got up to sit at the desk. Im going to write to her now I said, shoving her from my seat. I expect for it to be done, by tomorrow, Im sending out letters back home. I simply nodded. As I got down to scrawl lazily on the parchment, Henrietta went about fixing something in my apartment, and by the grace of good, settled quietly into a book. I began to write:

Beloved Mother,

Please don't be too cross at my delay. I had promised to write when I first arrived, (and of course when I left the Venetian Country Side), but time went by before the blink of an eye. I apologize for the delay, my trip from the Venetian countryside was quick, less than a week, and I arrived safely to Meloria. The Contessa di Foscari was extremely kind, in letting me stay at her Villa, so much so, I was sad to leave the comfort of her home. Delicious meals, beautiful countryside, fresh air, as well as the company of the lady of the house, it was wonderful. However, she was going to head to Venice, she had to give her father the Conte, a message, so I agreed to not extend my stay, and I continued my tour of these ancient lands by heading south. I cant express the charm of this island in one letter, but I will remark, its beautiful, warm, and welcoming. I was invited to stay in the Villa of the Prince of Meloria. You might remember him, I studied with his sons back in London, and they were the two tanned Italians who spent the summer with us a few years ago. I promise Im well, and Im eating. I have found some art on my travels here, I shall sent home for father, I hope he appreciates it. Ill write soon, Im still getting settled in.

Love, Richard

Oh, and Please stop using Lady Stewart as a spy on me, god forbid if I should ever do the same to her.

I finished the letter, and sealed it, handing it to Henrietta. She took it, and stuffed it into her robe, inquiring to what I would do now. I looked outside, the sun, although setting, was still partly out. I decided I would go for a walk. Grabbing my black coat, I headed out, to enjoy the evening air.