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Ships at sea

user image 2013-05-22
By: Henri-Armand de Tancarville
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He had left in the middle of the night, a note hidden where no eyes but save one might find it. Henri, always suspicious and untrusting, knew that anyone could use this information against him if in the wrong hands. Monsieur le Stern would just have to understand that this was for the cause, that he would arrive back in time with the cannons that were needed. On the dock, the men stood ready, waiting for him to board the ship and into the night they sailed.

For several days they sailed, chasing their quarry... a ship laden with bronze cannons. It was then when the storm rose in the distance and at sea, there was no place to hide. The men had to ride out the storm with little choice. The old ship did not fare so well in the storm and the main mast splintered as if a twig, the ship tossed in the waves and the sea claiming many of the men who were not so fortunate to find a way to secure themselves to the ship in time. It was when the sea calmed again that they were able to assess the damage to the ship and see that their fate was grim...

Could they make it out alive, or not... only time will tell.