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Confessions of an Ugly Royal- I

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By: Joe Athenais
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17th of November, 1773- Versailles, France

My Dearest Father,

Why must marriage be so complicated? It has only been a single day since the marriage of sweet Therese and yet I can already sense that she has the qualities and traits to become popular and successful at Versailles. As I gaze upon Therese and Charles, I see a lovely couple who enjoy each others company, however, when I look at Stanislas and I, we are the exact opposite. Therese and Charles have alreadyconsummatedtheir marriage on their wedding night which was desired of that Austrian and I, however, both of us have yet to consummate ours. For once in my time here at Versailles, I feel a connection with that terrible Austrian. I have realized how she felt when Stanislas lies about us in the bedroom. Perhaps I misjudged Antoinette and I never really knew how much we have in common. I shall still act cold and heartless towards Antoinette as that is what Stanislas wishes but perhaps i should invite the Austrian over to tea with Victoire, Therese, and I.

As I was at the ball this evening, I had the most interesting conversation with my dear Victoire. With Stnislas still away in the country, it has made me think of our marriage and I decided to ask for the advice of dear Tante Victoire. She said that I should not envy Therese's marriage due to its success but rather I should act as a motherly figure for Therese. As Victoire and I continued to speak, shereferredto women as being different kinds of meat and how Men only enjoy a certain kind. Perhaps that is the case with my marriage. I'm just not the type of meat that Stanislas enjoys but perhaps I would be morelikableif I had the proper seasonings. Maybe then we shall finally consummate our marriage andfulfill my duty to France.

Sincerely your loving Daughter,

Marie Josephine Louise

Joe Athenais
17 Nov 2012 09:10:20PM @joe-athenais:
<333333 It is too bad that we must be enemies. We can thank our husbands for that ;)