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A letter

Georgiana Fitzherbert Grace
7 years ago
95 posts
I'm bored at the moment as I can't sleep so I guess noes a good time to open the box and type up another letter. This one is from Georgiana's sister Therese from England1766December 14My dear Georgiana and LeopoldHow are ye? I have news to tell you that will excite you both very much.I am delighted to tell you that I'm pregnant, doctor O'Doyle said I'm at least 3 months and i would love for you to be my child's godparents. Me and Harold discussed it and we would love for you to be the godparents as you still haven't been asked.I recently found out that a new artist has come to London with Lady Wentworth you know she decided to return without her husband apparently the marriage is failing from what's being heard around the salons. Anyway enough rambling about that the artist I believe is a lady by the name of miss angelica Kauffman I believe she came with Wentworth from Venice or Rome. She is apparently a favourite of Sir Joshua Reynolds. He calls her by a cute little name of Miss Angel. I think you should become patrons to her or at least request a painting she would be worth it. I already have seen her potential at the gallery last week. I hope to meet her at lady Wentworth's salon next week.I hope to see you here for Christmas this year ye and Christophe are the only ones not here please come stay with me and Harold I beg of youLoveTherese Stephanie G.
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