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      Argyll District Show September 30th through October 5th

Finn McCulloch
11 months ago
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Argyll District Show September 30th through October 5th: Lochmore, Kerrera, Argyllshire

The Argyll Agricultural Society welcomes you to its first annual show to be held on the Isle of Kerrera, Argyllshire. 
The objectives of the Society includes the advancement of practical and scientific agriculture; the improvement of the different breeds of livestock and the promotion of all matters of interest and education to the agricultural community. The means employed for these purposes shall be:- Annual Shows, Grain and Root Competitions, Ploughing Matches, Home Arts, Exhibitions, Lectures, Addresses and other measures calculated to advance the interest of agriculture and of the agricultural community in the district including the promotion and furtherance of “Young Farmers” clubs. These objectives shall be carried out by means recognized by law as charitable and not otherwise.

Section A Livestock:

Rules: Any cow can be shown and will be judged on how closely it fits the real world ideal type. We want to have people get creative in finding, modifying and re-texuring livestock or creating something totally new.  Highland cattle are pretty straight forward, can be horned or polled. Dunlops are the precursor to Ayrshires, so a dairy type will do best. For sheep long-wools are any of the Leicester types, Google can give you some ideas on this. Blackies are the traditional Highland Black face type, and lowlands will be any of your English meat breeds think Suffolks and Southdowns. Lard type pigs should be round and fat, bacon types longer and leaner. 

 Dunlop Cattle - Judge: A. Holmes, Balliemore
    Best Cow: 10s Rosette
    Most Productive: 10s Rosette
Highland Cattle - Judge: A. Sinclair, Upper Largie
    Champion Bull: 10s Rosette
    Champion Cow: 10s Rosette
Sheep -  Judge: Dugald Gray, Lochgilphead.
    Best Longwool: 10s
    Best Highland Blackie: 10s
    Best Lowland: 10s
 Pigs- Judge: C.T. Campbell, Stonefield
    Best Lard Type: 10s
    Best Bacon Type: 10s
Section B: Horses and Ponies - Judge: J. Johnston, Crear.

Rules: Hunter over fences will be judged over a jumps course, best time with the least faults wins. All other horse and pony classes will be judged by the quality of the horse, and rider/driver appearance. For native ponies think Highlands and Shetlands not My Little Pony.  Cart horses can be of Clydesdale type, a pony, or a carriage type horse, they must be shown with a vehicle. 
   Hunter Over Fences Champion: 25s
   Best Native Pony: 10s
   Best Hunter Horse: 10s
   Best Cart Horse Turnout: 10s
Section C: Highland Produce -Judge: G. Floxglove, Merryside.
Rules: To be judged on the quality of goods and marketing label.  All items must be your AES brands, so labeling will be important as well as rarity.  Please be prepared to talk about your products, this will be rp so plan accordingly. 
    Best Jam or Marmalade: 5s
    Best Cheese: 5s
    Best Beer, Any Type: 5s
    Best Spirit, Any Type: 5s
   Section D Cultural: Judge: F. McCulloch, Kerrera.
   Rules: We really want to see you showcase your creativity. Pipers will be judged on dress and the quality of their songs. Poets will be judged on originality and  how well the composition matches with Scottish poetic traditions, submissions must be in English. Highland dance will be judged on costume and  quality of execution, the waltz will not work here. 
    Best Piper: 10s
    Best Poet: 10s
    Best Highland Dancer: 10s
    Entry: Please send a notecard to Finn McCulloch (finnmcculloch), with your name, your farm or sim name, and which sections and classes you will competing in. This will help us gauge awards, set up, and the schedule. 
    Trade Stand inquires may be sent to The McCulloch of Kerrera by no later than September 28th.