Aimee Wheatcliffe
VW: Second Life

Country: MX
LHVW Fundraiser 2017

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Cherish Carver
20 Feb 2012 12:07:42AM @cherish-carver:

the blog is on my sidebar on my page. you are more then welcomed to look and comment

Leary Macpherson
14 Feb 2012 06:58:29AM @leary-macpherson:

I would love to teach you fencing!!! I just beat monsieur gandt the other day(still wonders if he let her win) And I am sure your husband would not have a problem with me as your teacher since I am female. We could be fencing buddies. *smiles

Leary Macpherson
13 Feb 2012 06:03:24AM @leary-macpherson:

Thank you for the lovely friendship

King Gustav lll of Sweden
26 Jan 2012 08:07:56AM @king-gustav-lll-of-sweden:

Thank you for your consideration my friend

Prospero Pastorelli
30 Sep 2011 12:28:54PM @prospero-pastorelli:
Thank you for your greeting and friendship!