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Why I was out and how I managed to return

By Aimee Wheatcliffe, 2013-01-13

I know it has been truly long. I went away before and later return, but this time I believed I need to explain why I disappear so abruptly and how is that Im returning now. For this, I feel that I need to explain a lot not only on my SL, but from my own RL. It was a mix of lack of internet, computer and time.

It started one day when my internet went away. I didnt pay that month because I was moving to another house but I believe it was going to take longer to the cable company to notice (I know, wasnt a smart move). I completely lost the connection from one day to another.

Finally, almost 15 days later we finally landed on the new house, me and my grandma (yes, I live with her no, they arent always as lovely as you imagine, dam Disneys clichs) anyway. Besides, she rise me since I was five, and she has a lot of patient with me especially considering she had for adoptive daughter the most distracted girl of all Durango. But between unpack, placing the things, paying and attending to college and go to work I didnt have much time or money. The good part is that the reason to move was because one of my aunts found a cheap house (at least cheaper than my old one, rental sucks) near hers and she had the idea that it would be nice that we became neighbors. My grandmother had health troubles past year and she wasnt truly well on the last months and it was better if she had more eyes (and hands) around.


Internet and a little more time came, but I still had one big obligation: the 132. Let me explain detailed it, starting with some history. Once upon a time, on Mexico.

Yo Soy 132 is an ongoing Mexican protest movement centered around the democratization of the country and its media. It began as opposition to the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) candidate Enrique Pea Nieto and the Mexican media's allegedly biased coverage of the 2012 general election. The name Yo Soy 132, Spanish for "I Am 132", originated in an expression of solidarity with the protest's initiators.

There were violent days and dark times, especially after elections. PRI, one of the parties, and now the leading one, is the symbol of yeas of corruption, tyranny, political murdering, massacres, drug dealers and financial decadency. For example, this little jewel knew as the dog:

Defender el peso como un perro! "I will defend the peso like a dog!" It earned him the nickname 'El perro' (The dog) and having people barking at him. 1981.

Vamos a administrar la abundancia! "We are going to manage abundance!"

How did he manage the abundance? With high charges and houses to family and friends, new business and insanely big mansions.

His obituary in the New York Times referred to his well publicized generosity toward his one time mistress, Rosa Luz Alegra as "a symbol of the era's political decadence". He bought her a US$2 million mansion in Acapulco.

Wikipedia again.

The Institutional Revolutionary Party (Spanish: Partido Revolucionario Institucional, PRI) is a Mexican political party that held power in the countryunder a succession of namesfor 71 years. Violence, murdering, crisis, those who lived It still have the memories of it. Other example is the massacre of Tlatelolco.

The improvement of the economy had a disparate impact in different social sectors and discontent started growing within the low classes. In 1968 Mexico City became the first city in the Spanish speaking world to be chosen to host an Olympic Games. Using the international focus on the country, students at the National Mexican Autonomous University (UNAM) protested the lack of democracy and social justice. President Gustavo Daz Ordaz (19641970) ordered the army to occupy the university to suppress the revolt and minimize the disruption of the Olympic Games. On October 2, 1968 student groups demanding the withdrawal of the IPN protested at the Plaza de las Tres Culturas. Unaccustomed to this type of protests, the Mexican Government made an unusual move by asking the United States for assistance, through LITEMPO, a spy-program to inform the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the US to obtain information from Mexico. The CIA responded by sending military radios, weapons and ammunition. The LITEMPO had previously provided the Daz Ordaz government with 1,000 rounds of .223 Remington ammunition in 1963. During the protests shots were fired and a number of students died (officially 39, although hundreds are claimed) and hundreds were arrested. The President of the Olympic Committee then declared that the protests were against the government and not the Olympics so the games proceeded.


And dont believe that with years it went better. Other example is Colosio.

Since Mexico's constitution permits presidents to remain in power for only one term, and as an extralegal rule presidents (until Salinas) handpicked their own successors (the party's first primary election in history took place in 1999), Colosio apparently enjoyed the president's favour, expressed in his famous declaration No se hagan bolas: el candidato es Colosio ("Don't get confused: Colosio is the candidate" would be an appropriate translation, literally it means "Don't entangle yourselves: Colosio is the candidate").

But later it was clear that Colosio wasnt going to be Salinas pet. He wanted, instead, to take him to justice for the corruption he held and the crisis the country was about to face. That without mention other new politics he wanted to held. He wasnt good for his planes, and one morning Mexico wake up shocked when the worst scenario came true:

At 7:12 PM, on March 23, 1994, at a campaign rally in Lomas Taurinas, a poor neighborhood of Tijuana, Baja California, Colosio was shot in the head with a .38 Special a distance of a few centimeters in front of a person recording video nearby.

And guess who was Salinass new favorite candidate?

In 1994, for the first time since the revolution, a presidential candidate was murdered, Luis Donaldo Colosio Murrieta. His campaign director, Ernesto Zedillo Ponce de Leon, was subsequently elected in the first presidential election monitored by international observers.


In 1990 Peruvian writer Mario Vargas Llosa called the government under the PRI as la dictadura perfecta ("the perfect dictatorship"). The 1994 economic crisis in Mexico caused the PRI to lose its absolute majority in both chambers of the federal congress for the first time in 1997.On 2000 other party, however, managed to take control, and we believed the time of the old PRI finally faded. But we were wrong. On 2005, one man started to appear every day on the news and media, with all of his good government and all the things he did for his state. His name: Pea Nieto.

The Televisa controversy refers to a series of allegations published by the British newspaper The Guardian on June 2012 that claims Mexico's largest television network, Televisa, sold favorable coverage to top politicians in its news and entertainment shows.

You may think is not bad enough to buy the media, but he was much more than a corrupt governor. It didnt take long to discover it.

During the administration of Vicente Fox in 2002, several peasants in San Salvador Atenco, State of Mexico, resisted the government's plan to expropriate their lands to build a new international airport near the country's capital, Mexico City. Consequently, on 3 May 2006, state and federal police forces raided the San Salvador Atenco and violently took many of its dwellers into custody, unleashing a civil unrest in the area between 300 unarmed civilians and 3,000 police officers. Some law enforcement officials retaliated for the confrontations of the previous days and tried to break up a blockade of a federal highway stopping a group of flower vendors protesting against the government. The leader of the movement was sentenced to 150 years in prison, and the rest of the members were accused of alleged "organized kidnapping" of police officers and sent to supermax prisons. National and international human rights organizations demanded the release of the activists, whose sentences were turned down until August 2010. According to a report issued by Amnesty International on February 2009, the civil unrest resulted in the detention of 200 people and hundreds of allegations of abuses, including sexual violence against 26 women who were arrested; others, in addition, were allegedly tortured. In the operations, the police used firearms, tear gas and electric batons. Two young men were murdered by the Mexican Federal Police, while hundreds were arrested without warrants and beaten. A 14-year-old boy was killed too. In response to the abuse allegations, the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation agreed to investigate the incident to establish whether the unrest was an isolated event or if it was part of a larger plot formed by politicians in the municipal and state levels.

After this the least you would expect as a victim is a public apologize. But no, he claimed that the goverment act firm and he used the public force to "restore order"... yes, nothing good can came of a president like that. By the past year, elections began and we all see most of us with horror who he was going to became president. People werent happy, and after a bad reception on the Ibero college one civil movement started against him and I became part of it.

On May 11, 2012, Pea Nieto held a campaign event at Ibero-American University. Most of the attendees questioned and strongly expressed their opposition to the candidate. Their protest was centered around the 2006 Atenco incident, in which then-governor of the State of Mexico Pea Nieto called in the state police to break up a protest by local residents. However, during the news conference, Pea Nieto defended his decision to use force in order to prevent an alleged greater evil. His answer inflamed the students, who started to chant the motto "Atenco is not forgotten".

After the event, prominent media outlets and PRI politicians dismissed the attendees' reaction, saying that they had been "smuggled in" by contending parties, and were not really students. In response, 131 students who had attended the event posted a video on YouTube showing their student IDs and expressing discontent with the media reporting of the event. When people began expressing solidarity with the students by tweeting "I'm the 132nd student", the name "yo soy 132" was coined.

I finally had the Internet but the #yosoy132 involved all my free time, especially after the elections when we were making even more protest and trying to find a way Pea didnt took the charge. He didnt won legally: buying votes and media, closing electoral polls before time, even arresting members of our movement. At the end on that last day of December he did not only take it and became president but at the same time protestants were murder and violent arrested in Mexico City. One of them, Irving, was of my town and we started to collect money to help the family to pay his defense. Thanks to god that part had a happy ending and he could get out of jail and comeback. But we had troubles even before it. Once I almost got arrested: when Pea came to my city and we made a protest. After we left we divided on different groups to leave on separate cars, and suddenly my group notices tow armed patrols following us. Fast we managed to land on a commercial centre nearby and run inside were we lose them.


The infamous visit. We tried to get in, but a big group of cops where already waiting for us and didnt let us in. Almost everyone left, trying to find other entrance, but others stayed there, trying to talk with the cops and the press that later came. If you wonder who I am, look at the girl with a silver car behind and wearing a red shirt and black and white leggings. (If you still cant find me, Im holding a book)

Unfortunately, Pea, even with all the protest, disturbs, unconformism, and people declaring on public to not recognize him as president, has the charge now. It was beyond sad, even disappointing. But I learned a lot of it. I learned of what Im capable to defend on what I believe. I made friends who share mi ideas, and I discover what is to defend your country even when it is dangerous.

And, even with it, or even because of it, life is coming better. Now things have finally turned on their place. Im at my new house, I finished the 4 th cuatrimester with good grades, and my grandmother is recovered. She cant walk yet, but she has learned to move with her wheelchair and with that she can move all around the house. She even can cook now! And my lap is back on home (yep, I had the power again)

I really wanted to comeback before, but between the activism, work, college, grandma and house changing, I was truly busy. And my lap to the pawn shop (yes, again thank you college) but on a very special day my grandmother gave me one big surprise: she recover it. I wrote this lines on it, and I feel truly blessed for be able to do it.

I really want to just logged in, but before I felted that I needed to write this and explain all of you why I wasnt here and how I abruptly left. I wish I still have friends here.

Coming back (and hoping to find everyone alive and well)


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Pyrite (I) A letter from the Chateau de Tancarville

By Aimee Wheatcliffe, 2011-09-09

Not all that bright is gold: Pyrite.



I was hidden on the mill, crying. My entire world collapsed. After that fight with the Vicomte now everything has a sense. And if I was already feeling depressed, now I feel so devastated, so wounded so alone

-What Im going to do?-I wonder to myself.

I dont know what, but I had one thing for sure. I needed to run away. After these two weeks, and after what happen tonight, I cant stay here any longer.


A letter from the Chateau de Tancarville


Playa Del Carmen, August 12

-Tow years-I whisper.

The dawn gives one romantic light to the tropical beach at the south east of New Spain, where I have already spent two years of my life. Two years away of my family, my friends, Versailles, away of everything. I woke up on the morning thinking about that, and I can get that off my mind. Strange, after all the time without missing, now I cant stop to think about that. I remember the fight that leads me to run No, Im not going to think about that anymore, I promise it to myself.

362_blogs.png?width=364 Right now Im looking the treasures Ive got the last night. I use to change all money for gold, and later hide it on that abandoned building of the beach. Some people can say that is an unnecessary danger when I can go to one bank. After all, unlike my comrades, I had one respected name. But I never felt that as one option. First, I dont trust on the banks, especially considering the situation on Northern America, and second, I dont want to use on this business my name for any reason because I dont wantany of the peoplewho were close to mesuffering any risk just for my mistakes. I would never forgive that to myself.

Suddenly, I hear sounds from thedownstairs. 363_blogs.png?width=750

I took my sword out and point down, as I contained my breath, waiting. More sounds, but now I could identify them with steps. I look at the sack; none was going to stole it, well, not again and not from me. Slowly, I began to cross down the building, carefully not making a sound and took the other on surprise. I just need one hit on the sword to finish him. I saw a shadow, and I was going to attack, but I stopped my hand on the middle of the air when I saw that it was just another of my comrades. 364_blogs.png?width=369

-Claus, what are you doing in here? I almost kill you.-

-Calm down, sexy.

-Effront!-I shout bothered. Why he always has to speak with me like that?.

-Lets go back to the port.-He say smiling, and I had to follow him. Usually, I rather to go alone to Playa del Carmen, but this time the complete crew was on New Spain to sell some goods on a local market, and the half of the boats went burned or broken on the last fight. For my bad luck I had to stand company for now. Besides, I had to admit that Claus helped me when I was starting.


When we finally get to the port of one of our islands, the complete crew began to disperse. Claus and I went to the tavern. It was full of rats, but definitely is the best place to relax on that island. He told me that some of the guys are planning to travel to Europe, and he asks me to join, but I reject. I didnt feel ready to return to France yet.

They all know that Im french, even when I avoid to talk like that, and maybe because of that they dont know exactly from where I came from or who I really am. But even with that, they can see that Im not completely normal. It started when they saw me drinking for the first time with my little finger raised, or the time when they found out that I knew how to play one harpsichord. And the fact of me using one mask didnt help. I had to stand a lot of jokes and laughs for things like that. The crew even calls me La dore as a joke. At the end, even I had to laugh.

-By the way, there is a letter from you-Claus told me.

Thanks to god, I gave one fake direction to my family. They send the letter to one Academy of New Spain but later the letter is sent on that tavern of the port.

367_blogs.png?width=750 It was from the Chateau of Tancarville. I smiled and take it, but before of opening it, I had one strong feeling, and somehow I was convinced what this letter was having bad news. Why I was feeling like that? I open it with my hands shaking. The letter was of tow pages. The first one was written by my aunt the Comtesse de Chiverny.


The first lines were just about how the family was going, starting from his son Jean. He was a little brother for me, and I always appreciate to read of my cousin first. On the last lines, however, there was a notice that I never believed I would read one day.

I've been implicated in a scandal. Someone threw pamphlets about du Barry. Because of that, she banishes me from the court. I am trying to plead to the King for forgiveness, and my father is within the King's service. It is true I am part of the party that wants to rid du Barry. But I don't want to do it so...publicly and without tact

-Oh, dear aunt-I whisper. Sometimes, when I saw things on perspective, Versailles seems more dangerous than any sea. You can even drown more easily.

Here we can get killed. There you can lose everything you had and wish death.

I sigh before keep reading. My eyes wide open when I read the next page, written by one of my political relatives, Marie-Charlotte de Tancarville

My cousin, your aunt, might have the pox. She was with Madame Royale last Friday praying for the king, and the doctor said whoever has been in contact with Madame Royal in the last 14 days they will or might have it. As soon as I told her what the doctor said she went into a state of panic and said she might have the pox and she rushed to our estate and locked herself in her apartments. She wants anyone to see her just now. She is too scared. As soon as the doctor arrives at Versailles to check up on the dauphine we will get him to examine the Comtesse

368_blogs.png The blood went away of my face. I had to leave the letter on the table and look at the window. I could see the port and the immense ship, and images of my family began to appear on my mind.

-Calm down is nothing official just a suspect calm down

What if she had the pox?

-Calm down

What if she is starting to feeling ill right now?

I close my eyes.

-Again-I whisper.

I immediately run downstairs.

-Claus, where are you? Im going with you!

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When I heard there was a hunt of eggs on The Villa, I inmediately run. As some may know, i adore Meloria, and I wanted to had at least one egg, maybe just one egg. Sometimes, even when I spend almost my time traveling, I had to spend a lot of time on France, so I wanted something to had, something really pure of the Pincipato, one piece of it, and the egg gotten on one hunt seemed like the perfect thing. I went to The Villa,and as fast I went I was on the hunt ofthe egg, walking on the night over the Principatto di Meloria. I tryed to imagine where would be the eggs: one plant, one jar, one statue. There was so many posibilities, and so many places. I was, of course,clueless, but i keep walking anyway. Suddenly, something on the floor called my attention.

264_blogs.jpg 265_blogs.jpg

It was one crow. A raven. Those birds always had waken on me some sort of admiration, they're so misterious and dar, but so smart and loyal. I wanted to see the bird closer. It was big, and black with yellow eyes. I remembered the beast I've seen some months ago.

I stared watching the raven, and it beggan to run. Not fly, just run. I wanted to see him more, so i followed him, I run after himuntill he jump into one of the many fountains of The Villa. I was entertained with the crow, who was jumping and jumping, like if he would be trying to get out of there. I was beggining to wondering if I would take him out of the watter and free him somewhere, until I've seen the strangest thing on my life: One pig. Not every day you seemed one on the streets of The Villa, but it was extraordinary because was on tow feet and tall, on the distance would appear as one fat man. God, he even was even wearing male clothing! Then, as a shoot of grace, he speaks.

-Maybe the raven is leading you somewhere, madame.

I turn around, and the raven was still jumping. I went into the water, and he went to the inside of the cascade of the fountain. There, i've found the eggi was searching.


After I save the egg on my dress, I tryed to follow the raven and the pig. I wantedto say "thanks" and, to not beggan to think I was going to had the same trouble that my dear friend Prunela, ask the pig how he was abble to talk. But when I turn around, they were walking away, toghether. I tryed to follow them, but on the middle of the run I fell on another fountain. The dress was heavy, but I'm strong and were able to swim.


It take one time to get out of there. The water was, thankfully, on this season of the year, a little warm, and there was no wind. If it would be winter, I would had gotten one pneumonia, and even when one of my personal friends is one doctor, I ratter to talk to him for one better reason.

Back to the point, after getting out of the watter I keep walking. I didn't know where they would had going, but I deccided to follow my instincs. Maybe it was them, maybe just causality, but after some minutes I found the pig. The was no sign of the raven. Maybe he just fly away.


Finally there he was, but I knew he was going to run soon. Maybe if I would asked, he would had stay. He lead me on a very kind way to the egg, alongside the raven. But he start to run again.I though that maybe heneeded to go toother place or with other person, so Idecided to just wind my hand and scream "Thak you"while he was running again.

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Yesterday, on a cold night, I was walking, all alone, over Versailles Marketplace. I knew I shouldn't walk alone, but I was not afraid, I believe the murderer, if it was human, I would defend myself. But the nature of the attacks we're not human, were demoniac. Dark night began to turn scary, I felt something was following me, and, then, the moon appear, and, under the moonlight, I see it.


A wolf. A very big wolg. Black hair. Evil yellow eyes.

I scream, and almost fade.

Then, he run away. Ignoring my sence, and following intuition, I follow the wolf. Then, he stop. He came closer to me, and, for my biggest surprise, the beast stand up, and I see him in all his size. The wolf was not big, a giant.



Suddenly, he ran away. I stay there, shaking. I try to run after the wolf, he went on direction to the palace, but when I try the way to the palace was block, i could't enter and warn to anyone.

And that was just the half of what happen that night, then, thing went more strange, supernatural...

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