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17 Sep 2018 03:00:15PM
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End of Summer Vacation in Bath

Communty News & Events

I do hope you can make it.  We have plenty of room at the hotel and would love to have you join us.

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17 Sep 2018 02:59:01PM
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She had that brand of pragmatism ...

General Discussion

Wonderful to hear you will be out and about.  Hope to run into you soon...:))

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16 Sep 2018 05:11:17PM
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End of Summer Vacation in Bath

Communty News & Events

Weekend Vacation in Antiquity Bath


Bath, has for centuries been a place people traveled to and visited. The Romans, built baths over the natural hot springs, believed to cure the sick for their own health and religious beliefs. After the Roman withdrawal from Britain, the baths fell into disrepair.
Redeveloped in the 12th and 16th centuries, the final modifications came with the creation of the current 18th century buildings.
By the late 1700's , people were coming from all over to "take the waters" and to see doctors, but also to or be part of the huge social scene that grew up in the city . Being seen in the Pump Room or any of the cities other hot spots was a sign of ones social status & importance.

Role Play Idea:
The rp idea here is vacation. Immersion. Everything should be rp and in character including riding carriage or horse to and from Bath and your house or arrival point of the Central Station. Everyone who RSVP's will have accommodations provided to them for the weekend. Your room will be yours to return to for the duration of the roleplay.
The events are not mandatory. The idea is to spend time in character and have some fun with our friends. If you would rather sit in the hotel library instead of horse ride, that is fine . You may also walk around town or sit in the park .

Volunteers are welcome to help with any of the rp jobs
Hairdresser, Spa Attendant, Hotel Desk, Priest/Reverend, General Hosting - have another character you think will fit in , please let us know .

Coffee on Saturday will be hosted by our friends from Rocca Sorrentina

Log in and out from in your room. Try to stay in character. Do not teleport in front of people or teleport people into the room. Be patient when waiting for replies. No modern talk, TV's or news.
Dont know what to talk about? Look up, Today in history, look for items from the week of Sept 19-26 in a year span of 1700 to 1850. We are not taking a test, just stuff that may interest you and stories to share.

Tentative schedule below.

For rooms for the weekend, contact
Jacon Cortes de Bexar (Jacon Cortes) or John Wilmot III (Raysbc)

Friday, Sept. 21

3pm - 8pm - Hotel Registration - Your may register at any time during the evening.
4pm - 5pm - Cocktails
5pm - 6pm - Cards (Whist)
6pm - 7pm - Dinner
7pm - 8pm - Hotel Registration

Saturday, Sept 22

8am - 9am - Champaign Breakfast
9am - 10am - Horse ride in the forest.

10am - 11am - Break

11am - 12pm - Coffee with Rocca - Francis Hotel Tea Room
12pm - 1pm - Battle viewing party - Texas Governor's Mansion

1pm - 2pm - Break

2pm - 4pm - Spa, Hair Salon, Baths

4pm - 5pm - Break

5pm - 6pm - Dinner
6pm - 8pm - Cards (Whist)

Sunday, Sept 23

8am - 9am - Champaign Breakfast
9am - 10am - Possible Church Service
10am - 11am - Art Exhibit Opening

11am - 12pm - Break

12pm - 2pm - Formal Ball - Don Horus Cedrus - Premier of a new composition by Maestro Horus

2pm - 3pm - Break

3pm - 5pm - Check out

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22 Jun 2018 10:39:49PM
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Jacon Cortes Designs and Twelfth Night Designs Collaboration



I am so excited and please to announce a the results of a joint project between Jacon Cortes Designs and Twelfth Night Designs.  It was with Twelfth Nights suggestion of Princess Diana's Engagement Ring for the Wedding Exhibit, this pushed me to create the whole set and HUD to allow you full control of the stones and metals.  

Below you can see how well they matched with Twelfth Nights newest designs.

Please visit Jacon Cortes Designs and Twelfth Night Designs, both located in the Bexar Fashion District 

Bexar Fashion District


Royal Sapphire Gown.L399.png


Rose Red Gown.L399.png

Princess Dias set 001.png

Cherisse Purple Gown.L399.png


Jacon Cortes
@Jacon Cortes
06 Feb 2018 11:37:52AM
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Downton Abbey themed role-play

General Discussion

Good day....:)

This is indeed wonderful news.  I am so happy to hear another period rp is opening up.  I too, like yourself, have been worried and sad about the state of historical rp and estates in SL.  Besides them being great for rp, period estates can also go a long way towards helping educate in history and customs.

Versailles, in its heyday, was a wonderful example of that.  Visitors, even if they did not interact, learned by watching.  The dress, the manners, the way ladies and men carried themselves.  I still to this day, try to squeeze in history notecards in places just to feed my need for history.  Rocca is also another wonderful example of what a great rp and location can do.

Now, I will need some good edwardian clothes so I can visit.  Yay..a reason to shop.  Also, if you need anything at all, please just let me know.  I have alot of junk, so if you need anything give me a hollar.  

Also, when you get your group together, if you send me a list of your people and their titles, I will add them to my announcer scripts in Buckingham and the the greeters will call out the correct name and title.  Don Horus plays ever 1st and 3rd Sunday, live piano, and we can set up a box for your group, as I have done for the Duchy and Rocca, so you and your residents can use.

I have babbled enough.  Good luck on the rp and hope you all have great fun..:)

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27 Dec 2017 12:04:54PM
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Court Roleplay in SL

General Discussion

Good Afternoon Lady Una

Sorry for the slow reply.  I would like to thank you for taking the time for sharing your thoughts and ideas in this forum.  I believe you touch on some very important points and make good recommendations.  

Advertising and Marketing have never been my strong suit, but I agree we need to work on that.   Having just read the latest post by Linden Labs, they are getting ready to implement a new feature.  From what I gather, it will allow internet search to pick up land descriptions and other stuff from SL.  That would allow many more people in the net to pick up possible hits from SL.  This might help a bit with exposure.  

I for one, am not ready to give up the Historical life.  Lady Una..Pasha...I hope we can find ways to make getting into rp easier and trying to get a functioning coalition of estates to help make historical RP better in SL.

It is my hope also, that anyone who would like to help build a strong rp between estates will also join in the conversation with ideas or observations that might help in strengthening court and pirate historical rp.

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24 Dec 2017 08:03:33AM
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Antiquity Christmas Tree

Communty News & Events

Seasons Greetings Everyone

Sometimes, I am dumb as a fence post.  I completely forgot to invite everyone from Living History to partake in our annual gift exchange.  Every year, a group of residents make Christmas gifts, that are placed in an ornament on the tree.  On Boxing Day, we we gather to get all the gifts.  This way, everyone gets gifts for Christmas. 

Making a gift, is not required, that is up to you totally, what is required is to come, and take the gifts the residents have made for everyone.  I know it is last minute, so no need to bring or worry about a gift, but do come and get the gifts and a little bit of Christmas cheer.  

The simple goal here is not the most expensive or most beautiful, but the loving thought and care each person put in to their gift to make someone else's Christmas Special.

The gift exchange will be on Dec 26, Boxing Day, in the Throne Room of Regency Buckingham.  All are invited to come and spend time together with family and friends.

If you would like to place a gift, yes, there is still time, just contact Jacon for the notecard with the vessels for the gifts.

Throne Room Regency Buckingham

Hope to see everyone there

Ho Ho Ho....!!

Jacon Cortes
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18 Dec 2017 12:08:07PM
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Court Roleplay in SL

General Discussion

Good Day Pasha

These are all great ideas.  This is the sort of thing I had in mind when I wrote this down.  I should mention, that Tatiana and the Hamlet also have an advanced G&S thing going as does cambridge in Antiquity.  

I will alert Pirates Destiny to this thread, maybe they would like to offer some ideas.  The courts and pirates have a long history in SL and we have some of the most beautiful regions as well. 

One of the ideas I had run across our Admins was a rotating location type of thing.  The idea was, there were 4 weekends in each month.  So, first weekend, Court Weekend, spend the weekend centered around, diplomatic rp, receive guests, household staff, dinners with the royals.  Second weekend, a rough example, would be visiting a friend for the weekend.  One person would be host, and have a weekend long party.  Friday night arrival and dinner...saturday...breakfast morning ride (break) cards and dinner...sunday breakfast...and leave.  Third weekend, would be vacation, spend the weekend doing a vacation type rp.  In Antiquity, we have Bath.  With the Hotel, Spa, Roman Baths, Art Exhibits and such, we can rp going to take the waters, and have tea in the Pump Room.  And fourth weekend, is the rest weekend with family.  You stay home and just be lazy or what ever.  

The idea behind this was to get many people involved.  We all have wonderful homes or places to rp.  It would be ideal to work everyone's locations into it, so that they can all be seen and used.  It also gives everyone a chance to play host and have people over.

On the diplomatic side, the exchange of ambassadors, following the protocols set up would be another good way to interact with each other.  This diplomatic rp could also serve a purpose.  Just riffing here but, could serve to exchange security information, griefers, or major event and calendar coordination.  Let the Ambassadors alternate meeting locations, two or three times a month.  

These are all very rough ideas, but have been rattling around in my head for a while.

Jacon Cortes
@Jacon Cortes
15 Dec 2017 10:44:11AM
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Court Roleplay in SL

General Discussion


I have a couple questions and thoughts, and I figured I would put it up to the group to help me a bit.  As I was getting ready to post the notice for the Christmas concert, I started to think about my footman that announce people as they enter the palace.  I thought I need to update that with the names of the different role players and their titles.  In Antiquity, I know the title structure and such, so that is not hard.  But, I started to think about adding our friends that visit and I stopped.  Who is left.  I could not add any visiting royalty or nobles because I did not know any.

Over the past few years, we always had at least more then one active court.  Now, I am struggling to think of any.  Just recently, with the death of the long time pirate organizer in Blake Seas, and the closure of other SPD (battle system) pirate estates, it seems there are just a 2 or 3 left.  I can only think of one other besides Antiquity, Pirates Destiny.

I am so grateful to Tatiana, the Duchy and all the sponsors of the LHVW, for helping to keep our period way of life going.  I am also thankful for Rocca, its managers and residents and its continued dedication, every year producing multiple excellent exhibits that move and educate.

Even with all the hard work of a few dedicated people, it seems its harder and harder to compete with the lure of modern life in SL.  I know there are a few of us out there that still care for our period life and want to see it continue in a healthy way.  If we have a healthy period life, we may start to draw back some of the people that have moved away or attract new.  I see our player base shrinking.   I have many ideas about how to reinvigorate our period RP, but that is something to be discussed with everyone.  I think it takes multiple heads and ideas to make a plan we can all follow to help.

What made the court and pirate roleplay in SL so much fun was that is was not just one place.  There were multiple courts and pirate estates to interact with.  In the early days, there were multiple courts at the same time.  Versailles, Russia, Austria, Spain, all in their glory, whose palaces and estates were works of art.  Yes, works of art.  Royal famlies, courtiers, garden parties, meddlesome cardinals, how I long for those times.

I have spoken to Pasha in Egypt about some cross estate RP he suggested with Antiquity.  My admins were very open to discussing more and trying to get something going.  I mention this, because this type of cross estate RP, I think can help bring more people and story lines.  It is also an  excellent way to meet other people and enjoy their cities and palaces.  

I understand, the cost of maintaining a palace is sometimes way too much for a person or even a group of people, but there are other ways we can still build a healthy RP with owning a palace or centered around an existing unused palace.   

This like this take work and mutual cooperation to make them work.  Supporting all the estates in the group.  Participating in cross estate events and rp.  I believe, in supporting each other we are stronger.

I will stop babbling and ask my questions now.

1.  Are there any Courts that are active right now?  Kings?  Queens?

2.  Any Ducal houses?  Large manors or people that carry royal titles?

Anyone that has a court, or manor or royal family that might want to start some diplomatic rp or get together and maybe brain storm on how to make a positive impact on period rp in SL, I would love to hear from you.

have a great day


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21 Nov 2017 07:28:11AM
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Artemisia Gentileschi Exhibit

Art & Architecture

Thank you all....Admiral Avril and Dona Lilah ...along with Alcalde Letxon have done a wonderful job..and this exhibit could not have come at a better time with all that is happening

 / 25