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Jacon Cortes
14 Apr 2019 04:31:15PM
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Historical RP/Sim : How to get new people and retain existing

General Discussion

This thread is so interesting on so many levels and touches on some of the issues that have dogged historical estate as well as themed estates in general.  Although I am a, look over and see the expanse type of person, I can see where one can get disillusioned.  If attracting new people is your only metric for success, it dooms you to either success or fail with no option for anything else.

I do not believe that that is our only metric we should be looking at.  Yes..its important, but I also believe having a stable environment, general activity and enthusiasm also as ways to gauge trajectory.  I am now firmly in the Tatiana camp on this.  Although I will always be looking to bring in more people, people come and go.  That is the cycle in SL.  Some stay longer and are more involved, others more flyby.  Just the way it is.

That said, it seems to me the crafting systems, properly applied to a rp can indeed help bring it more to life.  These types of systems are well suited for our theme of rp.  I do understand, that in those days, a prince such as myself would not bee seen picking onions or squashing grapes, but in general, life in those days for most people were filled with the mundane type of tasks that crafting systems can replicate so well.  

I am not ready to call the end of the large formal courts, though I do believe as Abbondio, that noble houses and smaller groups are the fashion right now.  I think the reason is because these types of crafting systems give you chores and a direction in your rp.  A more formal court, building on the crafting system model, might also be able to sustain itself, as long as you had all levels of society as is needed in a court.  From king to baker.  Before, lots of kings and dukes but not many bakers.  The crafting systems flip that model and focus and the chores needed to sustain a court and community and not so much on the top 1%, the high nobles.

As Abbondio mentioned, there was a time the court was a cut throat environment.  I personally am glad those days have passed.  Rocca and the Duchy have always been lovely places to visit because you never got the feeling of attitude or smugness.  It has been my experience that places more like Louis might rank, casual rp, is much easier for people to have fun in.  If you are stressed about what your next line should be or you have to think up a novel to submit, it tends to drain all the fun out of it.  I believe staying in character and answering in character are important to keep the atmosphere, strict rules, punishment or embarrassment are not the  way to do it.  Keeping it light, and fun what I am aiming at these days.  Enjoying the wonderful family and friends of our period communities.  

As we release the [ACS], I will be like most royalty, lovely title but dirt ass poor.  (scuse the langage)  I will be starting at a level 1 and work in the system, so like Tatiana, I can get a feel for how the system works and keep my fingers in the heart of it to better learn and modify where needed. Recognize the needs of the users.  Do not be surprised to see me working a corn field, squashing grapes or diving for oyster beds.  This will also give a great opportunity for me to travel to the other estates as well, peddling our wares and opening up trade routes.  I am already looking forward to visiting the hamlet and rocca and taking a few bottles of my newest brandy and wine and coming back with some of their fine products for us.

One of the things I had mentioned before was how I really liked the way that the social aspect was written into the [ACS] by louis.  Getting people to do things in a group of 3 or more to help raise your XP and level up faster, i am hoping, will prove a powerful way to do as Pamus suggests, more group activities. 

I have to say, I am with Tia here.  The one hill I am not ready to die on, is death to the tea parties.  I tend to like small idle gossip..i from them.  As with everything, in moderation is good.

The posts in this thread have been very informative and give everyone a good idea what we are all thinking.  I think this could go a long way in to working some trade rp between us and also shore ups some activities in our respective estates.

Jacon Cortes
13 Apr 2019 09:57:13AM
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Managing a Historical RP Economy

General Discussion

This issue has me torn.  I do see the need to try and bring in new blood so to speak, but I am also at peace just knowing i am surrounded by amazing family and friends, a playground to run around and have fun in.

I have spent my entire time in SL and antiquity, trying to improve and make it better.  I don't really count success by heads anymore but by how things have changed and gotten better for the estate and its residents.

That said, I do believe the social aspect is lacking in some sorts.  The idea is to utilize the extra XP points when things are done in a group.  Eating in the tavern, having a drink, gambling, all add XP when done in groups of 3 or more.

Also, it is my hope that using the trade as and incentive, and possible rp involved in that, we can get more people growing and producing to maintain the needed export levels. Also the chance to inter act with other estates allows to expand our circle of friends and family, and that is always a good thing.

If now, we can only get Linden Lab to fix the lag, I can die a happy prince.

Jacon Cortes
11 Apr 2019 09:52:56PM
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Managing a Historical RP Economy

General Discussion

omg...Abbundio...sorry..i spell like a 5th grader sometimes...not paying attention

Jacon Cortes
11 Apr 2019 07:23:59PM
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Managing a Historical RP Economy

General Discussion

*Waves* to Tatiana

This is odd...but....the reason i came to sl was frustration with thesims.  I used to love to things to use....and it never failed i would down load object that would crash my scene or i would lose my work.  So thank you thesims...for bringing us all

As for the trading, maybe we can sit one day and look at what is being produced and see where we can find places to work with you.  I think we could export some perfume or other products that g&s does not produce.  Your trading company, can work with our trading company, RATS, the Royal Antiquity Trading and Shipping Co.  A very trustworthy shipping company.

As for the system, we have tried to gear it towards our needs.  We had a couple large g&s farms here, and it was good enough, but we just wanted a bit more control...and for it to be free to our residents to use.  Bea did a great job with the foundation of it and louis has done an amazing job expanding and updating the system. 

We wanted it to be fun....we wanted needs....but we also did not want people fainting everywhere from starvation.  We tried to create a way for all levels to live, from a forest scavenger to a prince in a palace.  We also wanted to allow people to produce things and brand them with their own labels. 

One feature, that i love, is also the social aspect of it.  doing things in groups gives you more experience points and thus helps you progress through the levels faster. Spending time together, either eating dinner or sitting in a tavern drinking home make vintages and gambling.

Abbundion, I should also mention, that we also have a working bank, that handles our payroll, and deposits.  I think our bank might be a good way to have some sort of currency exchange with your bank, for limited things might also help get some trade going.

Lastly, I will mention, that I did speak briefly with Tia about getting a list of some medicinal herbs or roots, things that could be used to create potions or medicines.  This will work with some ideas we have for later on in the development.

Ok, I think i have babbled enough.  If anyone has questions or would like to see any of the system we have up and running...just give a hollar, louis or i can show anyone around.

Jacon Cortes
07 Apr 2019 06:36:52PM
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Managing a Historical RP Economy

General Discussion

good afternoon Tatiana....:)

I am glad you told me about this tread.  I ran home from Rocca to tell Louis and he beat me to the punch with a  In all seriousness, I think there are many ways we can work together, through the bank or other trade agreements we might come up with.  Louis has done a very good job of breaking down our system and the rational behind it.  

I believe as always, its best to work together and am glad to see trade may be a way to get some lines of cooperation going.  Pirates Destiny, a pirate estate we do weekly battles with, also has their own home grown crafting system they have created.  Working with them, we were able to integrate their battle system into our Antiquity HUD so that we could have cross estate weapons.  Although the HUDs are different, and you need to use the home HUD where ever your at, the new weapons being developed work in both estates.

For trade, we settled on seven items, three from PD and four from create some trade runs between the two estates. The seven items will be able to be used on both estates and systems, instead of trying to do all items.  Maybe we can find similar ways around the two system hurdle.

We look forward to working with the Hamlet and Don Abbundio where ever possible.  Anything that will help spur more rp and cooperation between the estates will have our total support.

Although we have some aspects up and running already, we hope to have the whole system buzzing soon.  We will follow up with more detail on the system as we bring it all online.

If you have any questions on the system, please feel free to reach out 

Jacon Cortes
17 Sep 2018 03:00:15PM
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End of Summer Vacation in Bath

Communty News & Events

I do hope you can make it.  We have plenty of room at the hotel and would love to have you join us.

Jacon Cortes
17 Sep 2018 02:59:01PM
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She had that brand of pragmatism ...

General Discussion

Wonderful to hear you will be out and about.  Hope to run into you soon...:))

Jacon Cortes
16 Sep 2018 05:11:17PM
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End of Summer Vacation in Bath

Communty News & Events

Weekend Vacation in Antiquity Bath


Bath, has for centuries been a place people traveled to and visited. The Romans, built baths over the natural hot springs, believed to cure the sick for their own health and religious beliefs. After the Roman withdrawal from Britain, the baths fell into disrepair.
Redeveloped in the 12th and 16th centuries, the final modifications came with the creation of the current 18th century buildings.
By the late 1700's , people were coming from all over to "take the waters" and to see doctors, but also to or be part of the huge social scene that grew up in the city . Being seen in the Pump Room or any of the cities other hot spots was a sign of ones social status & importance.

Role Play Idea:
The rp idea here is vacation. Immersion. Everything should be rp and in character including riding carriage or horse to and from Bath and your house or arrival point of the Central Station. Everyone who RSVP's will have accommodations provided to them for the weekend. Your room will be yours to return to for the duration of the roleplay.
The events are not mandatory. The idea is to spend time in character and have some fun with our friends. If you would rather sit in the hotel library instead of horse ride, that is fine . You may also walk around town or sit in the park .

Volunteers are welcome to help with any of the rp jobs
Hairdresser, Spa Attendant, Hotel Desk, Priest/Reverend, General Hosting - have another character you think will fit in , please let us know .

Coffee on Saturday will be hosted by our friends from Rocca Sorrentina

Log in and out from in your room. Try to stay in character. Do not teleport in front of people or teleport people into the room. Be patient when waiting for replies. No modern talk, TV's or news.
Dont know what to talk about? Look up, Today in history, look for items from the week of Sept 19-26 in a year span of 1700 to 1850. We are not taking a test, just stuff that may interest you and stories to share.

Tentative schedule below.

For rooms for the weekend, contact
Jacon Cortes de Bexar (Jacon Cortes) or John Wilmot III (Raysbc)

Friday, Sept. 21

3pm - 8pm - Hotel Registration - Your may register at any time during the evening.
4pm - 5pm - Cocktails
5pm - 6pm - Cards (Whist)
6pm - 7pm - Dinner
7pm - 8pm - Hotel Registration

Saturday, Sept 22

8am - 9am - Champaign Breakfast
9am - 10am - Horse ride in the forest.

10am - 11am - Break

11am - 12pm - Coffee with Rocca - Francis Hotel Tea Room
12pm - 1pm - Battle viewing party - Texas Governor's Mansion

1pm - 2pm - Break

2pm - 4pm - Spa, Hair Salon, Baths

4pm - 5pm - Break

5pm - 6pm - Dinner
6pm - 8pm - Cards (Whist)

Sunday, Sept 23

8am - 9am - Champaign Breakfast
9am - 10am - Possible Church Service
10am - 11am - Art Exhibit Opening

11am - 12pm - Break

12pm - 2pm - Formal Ball - Don Horus Cedrus - Premier of a new composition by Maestro Horus

2pm - 3pm - Break

3pm - 5pm - Check out

Jacon Cortes
22 Jun 2018 10:39:49PM
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Jacon Cortes Designs and Twelfth Night Designs Collaboration



I am so excited and please to announce a the results of a joint project between Jacon Cortes Designs and Twelfth Night Designs.  It was with Twelfth Nights suggestion of Princess Diana's Engagement Ring for the Wedding Exhibit, this pushed me to create the whole set and HUD to allow you full control of the stones and metals.  

Below you can see how well they matched with Twelfth Nights newest designs.

Please visit Jacon Cortes Designs and Twelfth Night Designs, both located in the Bexar Fashion District 

Bexar Fashion District


Royal Sapphire Gown.L399.png


Rose Red Gown.L399.png

Princess Dias set 001.png

Cherisse Purple Gown.L399.png