Jean-Paul de Chiverny
VW: Second Life

Location: Cardiff, S.Wales
Country: GB
LHVW Fundraiser 2017


Marquis de Saint-Céneri
04 Feb 2013 10:24:15AM @marquis-de-saint-ceneri:

Monsieur le Comte

Armand de Volanges
13 Jan 2013 03:32:39PM @armand-de-volanges:

Voglio ringraziarvi per la vostra amicizia.

10 Dec 2012 10:27:22AM @jean-matisse:
Red Ribbon
Alessandra di Fiorentino-Conti
07 Dec 2012 07:04:20AM @alessandra-di-fiorentino-conti:

Merci is an honour :-)

Comtesse de Chiverny (Wulfriðe)
11 Oct 2012 08:22:00AM @comtesse-de-chiverny-wulfrie:

Mon Cher, When Otto the Valet arrived at our home covered in mud and bearing a message from yourself marked 'urgent', I was expecting a message telling me that either you had found theperpetratorsof the recent troubles at court, or to start hiding the family silver...Idid not expect it to say 'Home soon Mon Cherie, keep the champagne cool and our bed warm'.