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Cross-Sim RP at the Barbary Coast (American Deep South, Scandinavia)

By: Mansur Marawi
Posted in: Antiquity, Deep South

Recently, RPers at the Barbary Coast have partnered with 1798 Deep South and Antiquity. Two travelers from the city of Korat share their letters home.

Xander Marawi, visiting 1798 Deep South


Dear Father:

I am greatly honored to have been entrusted with the task of expanding our foreign holdings and trade. I have found ready partners here and good, solid crops which I believe will withstand the passage home. There is cotton and tobacco in abundance. I believe any green thing in Allah's fine creation could grow in this soil. It is thicker than in any oasis.

I cannot describe to you the lush foliage that everywhere abounds, or even the pestilential swamplands on the borders of my host's estate. Trees grow, as thick as a forest, straight out of the water! Along with greenery, however, comes vermin, and my skin is a mess of small bites. Further exacerbating matters is the humid, unhealthful quality of the air. It is... miasmic. One feels as if one is breathing in soup. I find it little wonder that these people are in need of servants; they overwork the help they do have and needs must lose great quantities of slaves to disease.

It is in this way that I think we can be most helpful to them. They are in need of opium and other goods, certainly, but it is labor which they most require. The trouble is that they are curiously particular as to the color of their servants. I am led to understand that they accept only the local savages, like our boy Shadow, and black Africans. I cannot quite fathom why a region so in need of farm hands should be so damnably picky, and yet they are. I shall have to ask them about indentures; I have heard they are somewhat more flexible on the subject of indentured men and women. Perhaps we can send them some criminals.

To help me to better determine the health of the crops and to learn new farming methods, please ask Uncle Rowan to send or bring his farm girl, Celia. She has a remarkable talent for greenery. Also, in the meantime, consider what we can do to gather fewer Christian Europeans. They are unaccountably opposed to that particular brand of livestock in this region.

Your Son,
--Dr. Michael Alexander Luke Marawi, Pashazada--

Mansur Marawi, visiting Antiquity Finlanda


Dear Sir:

I trust that all is well back home? Dr. Larkham and I arrived safely at our destination and have enjoyed unseasonably cold weather. While the locals may lament the cold snap, I, for one, am delighted! On our first evening here, I met my first reindeer and, later, tasted the same. The meat was sweeter than lamb, perhaps a tad gamier, and I shall attempt to bring some home as jerky or salted or perhaps smoked, however it will best travel. The night brought with it my first glimpse of the famous northern lights. They are astounding, fiery slivers and jags of color that seem to billow and shine. Words cannot describe the scene, so I have endeavored to paint it. I send a few rough watercolors enclosed.

Our next trip was inland, up the mountains. I found the hiking very taxing, as you might imagine. Did you know that snow is slippery? Of course you did; you grew up with snow. I did not. Everyone neglected to inform me that, in addition to being wet and white and cold, the stuff is also beastly hard to get a foothold in. The clearing at the top was worth the effort, however, for we arrived at a white slice of paradise. Neither words nor paints can do justice the beauty that I found atop that mountain. Luke slipped once and I had to catch him, but he is unharmed. That is another thing worth the mentioning: ice, too, is slippery. It is especially so when allowed to form on bridges.

The cold is most disagreeable to my person and the clothes are uncomfortable. I miss my sand and heat and caftans. The people at the marketplace were an odd bunch, mostly children. The language I find a jumble incomprehensible babble. Be that as it may, I have seen snow and the northern lights and I am the richer for it.

Now, then, enough of my little holiday abroad. How are you? How fares the city? I know you were of two minds with regard to my leaving, so I thank you heartily for 'holding down the fort,' as it were, in my absence. Pray send my love and well wishes to those back home.

Your Friend,

--Sir Mansur Marawi Pasha--


The Northern Lights:




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