Mansur Marawi
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Country: US
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Mansur Marawi did not know whether the spires of the city that rose before him represented a real city or whether he had died and gone on to Paradise. He had struggled so long against the tide that he hardly cared. A storm had savaged his ship days ago - so many days - and he had floated adrift ever since. Here, at last, he had found dry land!

Alas, the sea had not yet done with him. While he scavenged his shipwreck for anything of value remaining to him, an armed pirate chanced upon him. She captured him, kicked his belongings back into the sea, and then she forced him to work for her as a merchant and man of all work.

Having been freed by Rowan Shergood Pasha, Mansur has devoted his life to serving the port of Korat as a knight, as a magistrate, and as pasha. Now in his retirement, the pasha maintains a small pashaluk in his Egyptian homeland, where he rules with a benevolent hand. He has never forgotten his time as a captive and, therefore, he does his best to improve the plight of others in similar straights. If he can ever be said to be unfair or unjust, it is generally where pirates are concerned.


Jacon Cortes
18 Aug 2017 05:59:49PM @jacon-cortes-de-bexar:

Greetings Mansur

I am sorry I could not make your event today, I had planned on going, but got called back into work un unexpectedly.  It looked like a lot of fun.