Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
VW: Second Life

Location: Salzburg
Country: AT
LHVW Fundraiser 2017


Candace Ducatillon
31 Jan 2011 01:55:51PM @candace-ducatillon:
I am most delighted to accept your kind offer of friendship ~ and, may I add, I have much enjoyed your video postings.
Capacitatodd Principe diMelioria
21 Jan 2011 04:43:15PM @capacitatodd-principe-dimelioria:
Ahh Signore - what a pleasure. I have long been an admirer of your work. Quite Moderne and when last in Francia in June of '78dined atCount von Sickingen's with you. I am sure though you do not remember me as the room was full of francese speakers (a language I but speakbarely as well as a two year old)I was exceedinly shy,There you played sevaral passages from your sinfonia di Parigi. So beautiful. With that memoryI send you my best to you and yours.
Fiorino Pera
21 Jan 2011 06:49:26AM @fiorino-pera:

Carissimo Signor Maestro Mozart: if you are in need of a gondolier, please know that I am ready and willing to transport you anywhere in the city at no charge, because I am still an apprentice.

PS: I have heard a wonderful Concerto per pianoforte that is said to be your composition. I have enjoyed the music immensely.

Contessa Elena Marina Foscari
20 Jan 2011 06:11:02AM @contessa-elena-marina-foscari:

....Thankyou Sir, I am most honoured. I have always admired your music.

Elena Marina dei Conti Foscarii

Constanze Mozart
18 Jan 2011 09:42:36PM @constanze-mozart:
I Love You soooo much more Wolfie! *grins & winks*