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Madame D'Qat Backstory (Queen's Hamlet)

Una Lunaqat
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I am Madame Una Chantal D'Qat, eldest of two daughters of a a wealthy French family, the D'Qats.

Family history: The D'Qats are of middle level nobility, respected and acknowledged at court but not keen to be regulars there or in the company of those who seek royal attention. They have come by their wealth in business and trade and perhaps in some less-talked about ways, something about which there have been occasional rumors but no known scandal.  Her parents, being more forward thinking and atypical themselves, allowed her to be educated and independent. She requested of, and was granted permission by, her parents to establish her own small farming estate (with reasonable protection as befits a lady).  Sent with her on this endeavor, to act as her estate Steward and protector, was the childhood friend and second eldest son of an English family, long time trusted family friends and business partners.  She does not hold with all the traditional ways and limitations of nobility, and will quietly defy them as she chooses. She enjoys being outdoors, and is not afraid to work at tasks around her estate. She enjoys travel and maintains a small villa in the town of Rocca Sorrentina, Italy. About her there is the air of propriety, and a little mystery.  

Una (Unalunaqat Resident)
Madame D'Qat
Ferme sur Mer (Sea View Farm), Queen's Hamlet
Villa Toscana,LL, Rocca Sorrentina

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I am Ardrhys Hawkeswicke, middle son of an English Baron.

The Hawkeswicke estate is in the Cotswolds area of the county of Gloucestershire in the South West of the country. It is a mixed farming estate but most renowned for the ales and spirits it produces from its own crops. In my youth I visited my French friend Una D'Qat many times at her family's estate. There I learnt the secrets of the great wine makers of the Rhone valley. As the second eldest son I took the Grand Tour and then travelled back to France and to Madame D'Qat's own estate. Now I act as her estate steward. You will often see me out and about around the farm as I am interested in all of the estate's activities but in particular I am building production of our wines, ales and spirits. The D'Qat brand is well regarded far and wide and I enjoy travelling with Madame D'Qat and always try to promote her brand when I can

Lady Aphrodite Macbain
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Please pardon the intrusion, but I thought Aph should have her own post so I've moved her story to   Lady Aphrodite Macbain Backstory