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Madame D'Qat

- Ferme Sur Mer farm, Queen's Hamlet

- Rocca Sorrentina


Lorsagne de Sade
08 Mar 2016 09:47:13PM @lorsagne-de-sade:


Una Lunaqat
28 Jul 2017 10:26:55PM @una-lunaqat:

I'm curious, within our group, if most everyone is growing everything they need, or have we ended up specializing to some extent.  I grow grain, rence, rice and kalana, and raise chickens.  I want to get more into woodworking and smithing but want to be buying supplies from the group.  When I cook, I like to buy supplies too.  I wondered if we knew what folks needed we could have those out for the Fresh Market / Farmer's market day, and perhaps also a (what to call it...) supplies market day, for those selling wood, tools, and such.  Each market could also have a épicerie fine (if I found the right words), a deli for cooked foods?

Una Lunaqat
26 Oct 2018 07:42:19AM @una-lunaqat:

Thanks for doing this.  I plan to utilize trees and goat meat in particular.