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Marriage á la Mode

user image 2014-06-11
By: Alessandra di Fiorentino-Conti
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Inspired by William Hogarth (* 10. November 1697 in London ; 26. Oktober 1764 )Written by Jean-Matisse & Alessandra de Fiorentino Conti

Chapter IV "The First Meeting"

The next day Comtesse Jeanne Adelaide just woke up from her rest after the Lunch , Jean was already prepared with her "Medicine". That strange brew had a strong smell after spiced Rum, but Grandmere swore on its healthy effect. "I have allowed myself to pray for you Madame, while you were resting...." said the little Moor with a big smile.

"What a precious little Angel you are...." answered the Comtesse and reached out for the little tray with Petitfours to reward her little servant.

"Oh my Medicine,very good!.........You are right Jean..." said the Comtesse thoughtfull" we will need all our faith. That person from court......what was his name again?.... will be here within an hour...""Belgrave,....Madame......His name is Belgrave" She caressed his cheek, while Jean was eating his Petitfour. After a short while the Comtesse rose and went down the stairs , crossed the hall into the Garden. "Be careful...the Sun, Madame!"shouted the little Moor, grabbed a parasol and went after his Mistress.


The air was filled with the sweet fargrance of the roses when the two reached the garden Terrace "What a beautiful day, Madame.....we should thank our dear Lord afterwards!" "How thoughtful my little Darling!" Grandmere stopped and opened her little golden candy box "OH, merci Madame", Jean gleamed.

"I do hope the day stays that beautiful....." said the Comtesse as she spotted her Granddaughter with the young gentleman. Monsieur de Belgrave and Duchesse Alessandra were chatting on the terrace and seemed to await the Comtesse and the little servant.

Grandmere immediately perceived the strong perfume of the Monsieur. Even Jean noticed it "A bit too much..." he whispered and gave the Comtesse a lace handkerchief. The comtesse held it to her mouth and nose " I recognize the Odor from the can trust me" she anwered quietly.

"Ahhhh...There you are!" said Alessandra as she saw her Grandmother and Jean. The Comtesse entered the terrace a bit hesitantly.

"May I introduce...." Alessandra smiled brightly.