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A Note of Appreciation

By Baharat Atlas, 2010-08-16

Dear Audience,

I offer my sincere appreciation for your continued support. We've enjoyed exquisite music of many different genres throughout the year. Your generous contributions at the Benefit Gala and the Arts and Music Festival provided a handsome budget to fund a spectacular music program for next season. We are now able to include a wider variety of music throughout the season. Many new musicians will join us and I am sure you will enjoy their music and style.

I am excited about a new series, "Enchanted Evenings" that will take place at the homes of residents with substantial estates. Please contact me, the Duc or the Duchesses if you are interested in hosting an "Enchanted Evenings" Concert in your home.

It all begins with Opening Night at the Opera House in late September. Be sure to check back for exact date and time.

In the meantime, enjoy the rest of your summer!

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