Contessa Elena Marina Foscari
Avatar: Nimue Brezoianu
VW: Second Life

Location: Venezia
Country: IT
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"A Bird in the Hand"

A Commedia dell'Arte play adaptation
Sir William Cecil, Lord Burghley
12 May 2014 10:22:12AM @sir-william-cecil-lord-burghley:

Absolutely Brilliant! My Congratulations to all the artistes and production team (including the cinematographer, Secret Rage, I fully appreciate the work that has gone in to capturing this for posterity). It was a most memorable event and I truly hope there are more to enjoy in the future.

Well Done Nimue & Everybody involved.

MarieLouise Harcourt
12 May 2014 11:45:51AM @marielouise-harcourt:

I love it, well-done!

Candace Ducatillon
12 May 2014 12:25:07PM @candace-ducatillon:

Such a joy it has been for me to be an actor in this project! Mille graze to the dedicated cast, crew, costumers and production team. All that spitting on each other and breaking of legs paid off !!!

Contessa Elena Marina Foscari
13 May 2014 04:21:24AM @contessa-elena-marina-foscari:

Thankyou to all the cast, to Bajoy the director, Serenek Timeless for her stage and props management, Trasgo Beaumont and Sophia Trefusis for the costumes, Rowayn Warwillow for the Masks, and to Secret Rage for making this lovely little has been a great experience to participate in this production....

Ekaterina Vorontsova-Dashkova
13 May 2014 08:11:37AM @ekaterina-vorontsova-dashkova:

I really regret for missing such a beautiful performance. The RL matters kept me way too busy to attend (Exams. Exams are evil.). It was such a gracious courtesy to film it to show to everyone. Very much appreciated indeed. Thank you. :)