Contessa Elena Marina Foscari
Avatar: Nimue Brezoianu
VW: Second Life

Location: Venezia
Country: IT
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Sir River Wildcat
30 Jun 2010 04:20:11AM @sir-river-wildcat:
Dearest Contessa,I know a perfect place where we could meet and dance.Sir River Wildcat
Federico Maria Giovanelli
03 Jul 2010 02:10:47PM @federico-maria-giovanelli:
Thank you for your efforts in bringing the children of Venezia to safety after the flood. I do hope you will find a good reception at Melioria in Vicenza.
Lord Myron de Verne
19 Jul 2010 01:30:44AM @lord-myron-de-verne:
Dear Contessa,Thank you for your friendship offer, an honor and a pleasure for me. Thank you for your invitation to the " Bold lead the way" event,too: I tried and tried and tried to access, but was desperately lagged off:))Lag being the bad side of success, I take it for granted this event was a huge success! Congratulations!(and for me, Better luck next time:) )
Conte Myron di Loredan
03 Sep 2010 01:26:15AM @conte-myron-di-loredan:
Contessa Foscari, Dear Friend,The stag hunts at French court can indeed be dangerous. Unskilled horse riders with rifles eager to shoot and accidents happen. And of course the stags themselves are not harmless when cornered. It is with caution one would participate in these events, and then preferably only on horse back with a healthy distance. I am sorry to hear you were injured as well and hope and pray you will recover soon.With best wishes,Conte Myron di Loredan
Conte Myron di Loredan
13 Oct 2010 11:21:27AM @conte-myron-di-loredan:
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