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Progress on Regency Somerset.

user image 2013-04-15
By: Curtis
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Progress on Regency Somerset.

We have a new Breakwater at Port Austen, and we have boats for people to sail.

Rumors have reached us that Mermaids may have move in to the Sea near the Port.

The Orangery has been rebuilt, and is now filled with Citrus and tropical plants and caf table sets. A wonderful place to get out of the wind and enjoy a cup of tea and good conversation.

A Few finishing touch of the Shops and we will soon have Merchants of fine clothing and furnishing. Over in Bath, work continues on the Royal Crescent and it looking Great.

Aldo Stern
15 Apr 2013 08:17:22AM @aldo-stern:

having seen the work in progress, am very much looking forward to seeing the finished project. Anyone have a recommendation for where to find good quality gentleman's clothing for early 19th century?

Tiamat Windstorm von Hirvi
15 Apr 2013 10:28:49AM @tiamat-windstorm-von-hirvi:

My Sunday was made pleasant by a short stroll atop the Breakwater. The sea air refreshed me, and the boats rocking gently along the stone pier gave the scenery a quaintly picturesque quality, very pleasing to both eye and ear.

Marie Anne Honfleur
21 Apr 2013 05:34:31PM @marie-anne-honfleur:

is there a landmark so we can visit?

21 Apr 2013 06:30:44PM @curtis:

Antiquity Argyle, Regency Somerset (61, 64, 23)

Tiamat Windstorm von Hirvi
22 Apr 2013 01:57:05PM @tiamat-windstorm-von-hirvi:

The mermaids have definitely been busy near the port, Mr. MacRory. The waters are teeming with their favourite small snacks, and the surface views are becoming interesting - all those potentially deliciou - I mean, attractive sailors -