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Finally arrived at St. Nazaire

user image 2012-05-14
By: Docteur Panacek
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Loire - Atlantique, 14th of May 1770Dear diary,We finally arrived at the harbor of St. Nazaire. Here we are going to take a ship that will bring us to Flanders.It was a long journey, and it took us several days by carriage to travel over 350 kilometers from la Chasseresse to the harbor. We didn't only took most of our possessions with us, but Stormy also insisted to take along our cow. I tried to talk it out of her stubborn mind, but you know my Stormy. If she has decided something then no one in the whole world can prevent that anymore. So that damm cow came with us. She even gave her a name: "Courtsie". Can you imagine that? Anyway she is extremely fond of that animal. After reading a book about the habits of an old Egyptian queen, she began to think Courtsie's milk is special and now she wants to drink it every day. She even washes herself with it, because "it makes her skin soft and moisturized". Personally i think its because that cow once licked some whiskey from my still. I had the biggest trouble keeping that dammm cow out of my barn the next weeks...So our journey was a bit slowed down. Courtsie has inspected every flower bed and herb garden we found along the way. I will never forget the day that bloody farmer wanted to stick us all on his pitchfork, because Courtsie ate all his crops... My God, never knew a cow could run that fast !!!We saw some nice little houses along the way. I just could prevent Stormy from buying a little mansion in Chenonceaux... Promised her we would come back after we visited my family (she wont forget that, i am sure..., maybe we can take another road back?).We also visited a lotta taverns. After all one can not sleep outside can we? The white wine they make along the Loire river is remarkable. It always tastes like ... "more". And yes, as you could have guessed, I had the biggest trouble keeping our cow outside the tavern. She behaved only after i started treatening to sell her to the tavernkeeper so he could put her on the menu.I am looking forward to see my parents and family back. And of course i do hope we will be in time to see my dear friend Abb Abelard before he passes away. Stormy is afraid mom will bring up the subject of "children". Mom always believed a strong offspring is important. Its her religious nature i think, or maybe her motherly nature... Although that last one was sometimes rather harsh. If you are puzzled here, well just imagine that her rolling pin was her favorite "educational tool". No wonder we Panaceks have a hard skull.At St. Nazaire's harbor quarters we were send to a local tavern "The talking one legged Parrot" to meet someone that would take us to Flanders. In the smokey interior we were introduced to someone called "Capt'n Jax". After some bargaining and a few bottles of rum we agreed on the price. Stormy told me later on he reminded her of a pirate. Must have been his eyepad? With half of the French fleet sunk in the seven year war we can't afford to be picky. Tomorrow we will set sail to Antwerp. Flanders here we come !!! Meeeuuuhhhh!!! (Courtsie, stop that !!!)P.
Lord Myron de Verne
21 May 2012 08:59:21AM @lord-myron-de-verne:

Pekel! Stormy!!! I don't trust this Capt'n Jax!!!!


( Too late....)