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A Meeting of John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester, and Elizabeth Malet:

[2016/02/12] John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester: My, you are a wee thing!

[2016/02/12] Lady Elizabeth Malet curtsies, trying to keep the smile from coming to her face at the gentlemans overly familiar greeting.

[2016/02/12] John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester: All the sooner to circumnavigate you with my kisses.

[2016/02/12] Lady Elizabeth Malet blushes deeply and looks to see who might observe the two of them. You talk quite bold, sir. You must not say such things when my grandfather or Countess Ballintrae are near. They are quite protective of me, you know. Court intrigues are quite a bit more complicated than our little peccadillos out in the country I am finding out!"

[2016/02/12] Lady Elizabeth Malet notices her heart beating faster as Rochester reaches out for her hand and moves to kiss it.

[2016/02/12] John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester takes up her hand to kiss it, adding the slight suggestion of a tongue tip at the end. He looks up into her eyes as his head rises. "My dear, irreproachably spotless maiden, what is said is said, whether true or guesswork. Therefore we have nothing to fear; for the worst of what can be said has likely been said already."

[2016/02/12] Lady Elizabeth Malet cannot keep a foolish grin from her face. She tries to look properly straight-laced, but breaks out into laughter, a secret they share. "Shh!" she tells him, as if he were the one making noise.

[2016/02/12] John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester leans in to kiss again. "I mean to ask you to marry. Thus far you have resisted, but I shall win you, by crook or hook, mark me!"

[2016/02/12] Lady Elizabeth Malets grin falters. "If it were only by my say so, the bans would be out in a trice. But you know how my family feels about my marriage. Give them more time, I beg you! Your charm will win them over, I am sure of it!"

[2016/02/12] John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester: "Turds and balderdash. I'll not let you and our future be held hostage by your family. An Earl and Man of the King's bedchamber? Naval hero and diplomat? How dare they waffle so. You need rescuing from their clutches...hmmm. With this, Rochester raises fingertip to brow theatrically as he does when composing thought or poem to himself. Theres an option."

[2016/02/12] Lady Elizabeth Malet frowns slightly. "You aren't going to do anything dangerous are you? No boxing anyone's ears or anything like that. Please?"

[2016/02/12] John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester: "Never you mind, my tiger-lily orchid of delight. Naught but a passing thought. Shall we make our way to the tilt fields?" Rochester begins to formulate the plan for his lady's rescue while they walk. Then is distracted by the sight of the King's Head tavern and its calling libations.


[2016/02/13] John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester: /me walks the cobblestoned street side by side with Lady Malet, his head woozing as usual for this hour, "Come, Betty my pet, lets stop in for a morning draught at this grog-pit, what say you? The cobblestones seem harder on the sole this morn, and the absence of spirits harder on the soul. A swizzle and escape of the bullying sun, eh what?" Rochester steers them to the tavern door and calls inside, initially shouting, but wincing at the pain of his own volume, lowering his voice. "GOD SAVE..errrm, God save ye all within."

[2016/02/13] Elizabeth Malet walks along the Earl, occasionally redirecting his steps as he wobbles. "A respite from the sun seems in order. Is this your favorite haunt? Or rather, one of them?" She looks up to catch the name of the inn as they enter.

[2016/02/13] Annabella the Maid (annabellaasquith): /me looks up and smiles at the two entering.* * A fine day t'ye both, milord and lady! How may I serve you?

[2016/02/13] Annabella the Maid (annabellaasquith): "And a fine welcome to th' King's Head Inn!"

[2016/02/13] John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester :/me casts a lascivious look out of habit, considering a salacious suggestion of how the comely wench might serve, but remembering himself, merely orders. "Good morrow my dear. Warm rum punch, a bowl toward the chill, and powder forte, don't spare the spice, my morning dove. Is there beefsteak to be had? A cold slice with cheeses as well then."

[2016/02/13] Annabella the Maid (annabellaasquith): /me recognizes the Earl of Rochester - who doesn't? - and bobs a curtsy to him and the lady, whom she does not recognize* "I've a fine side of roast if'n if please you. Rum punch, aye, but also a new cask a wine from Spain just opened also. D'ye and the lady care to have a chair and I will bring yer plates."

[2016/02/13] Elizabeth Malet: /me nods to the young barmaid, wishing she were not quite so pretty and amenable. "Thank you, missy. Some weak wine and a pot of porridge for me, please." She joins Rochester at table, taking his hand when she thinks no one is looking.

[2016/02/13] Annabella the Maid (annabellaasquith): /me busies herself at the counter pouring rum punch and sack for the lady and carrying them to the table.* "All fer yer pleasure, milord and lady! I will have yer food promptly."

[2016/02/13] John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester: /me grins in approval, leading Lady Malet by hand into his lap. He doffs his tricorn, tossing it onto the table. His arm around her waist would only put up slight resistance if she should try to escape for propriety's sake.

[2016/02/13] Annabella the Maid (annabellaasquith): /me averts her eyes slightly, as the Earl's leering countenance at the young woman with him suggests she may not know what she's in for. She busied herself slicing cheese and roast and added a piece of bread to the plate. Spooning the warm porridge into another bowl, she loaded the dishes onto a tray and carried them to the couple* *Here ye go! Piping hot and ready t' eat!"

[2016/02/13] Cdric d'Amboise (cedric.hansome): greetings madame

[2016/02/13] Elizabeth Malet: /me squeaks in surprise as Rochester pulls her into his lap. She looks to the door, making sure no one will see them, before giving him a good kiss in return, starting to explore him with her hands when the barmaid's return interrupts. "Oh, yes, well. Thank you, good woman. This looks appealing." She sits on the bench and straightens her clothing.

[2016/02/13] Annabella the Maid (annabellaasquith): "A good day t'ye, milord!" *curtsies to the gentleman* "May I serve ye t'day?"

[2016/02/13 09:50] Clary: Sweet honey stirred into the wine adds so much character.

[2016/02/13] Annabella the Maid (annabellaasquith): /me is rather dazzled by the man's fine appearance and gives him a silly smile of obvious admiration.* Aye. I mean, oui!

[2016/02/13] Annabella the Maid (annabellaasquith): /me giggles and covers her mouth, glancing to the coupe who seem to be content.* "Would you care for something to eat, sir?"

[2016/02/13] Cdric d'Amboise (cedric.hansome): suree

[2016/02/13] Elizabeth Malet: /me nods to the new gentleman. "Greetings, good sir!

[2016/02/13] Cdric d'Amboise (cedric.hansome): greetins chere madame

[2016/02/13] Annabella the Maid (annabellaasquith): /me bobs a curtsy to the man at the bar and tries not to stare* "You are most dashing, sir!"

[2016/02/13] Cdric d'Amboise (cedric.hansome): merci merci

[2016/02/13] Cdric d'Amboise (cedric.hansome): bienvenue

[2016/02/13] John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester: /me resists a loutish reply to the "Piping hot and ready to eat" at the tavern-moll's expense, settling for a friendly leer before idly toying with the fork, turning his attention to the roast, spearing a small savory nugget of beef and, dipping it into the galantine sauce, leaning in close and offering it to Lady Malets lips. Seeing another enter, he hesitates, then calls out "God save ye, sir. Will you have a cup in the name of health to king and state?"

[2016/02/13] Cdric d'Amboise (cedric.hansome): glory to the king

[2016/02/13] Cdric d'Amboise (cedric.hansome): Gloire au Roi

[2016/02/13] Elizabeth Malet: /me checks that her gown and hair are back in place, giving Rochester a mischievous grin. "How is your milk punch, m'lord?" she murmurs.

[2016/02/13] Annabella the Maid (annabellaasquith): /me prepares a plate of roast beef for the gentleman and places it before him. Wiping her hands on her apron, she nodded to him and walked around the bar holding a pitcher of rum and one of sack to refill to the couple, who seem to be merry* "Something else to fill yer cups?" *Delivers the line without a hint of irony*

[2016/02/13] Elizabeth Malet: /me offers her cup. "A little more wine is all. Your hospitality is all I have heard it was."

[2016/02/13] Cdric d'Amboise (cedric.hansome): I need to leave, excuse me monsieur madame

[2016/02/13] Annabella the Maid (annabellaasquith): Farewell, sir!

[2016/02/13] Annabella the Maid (annabellaasquith): *Do come again!"

[2016/02/13] Cdric d'Amboise (cedric.hansome): i will come back

[2016/02/13] Elizabeth Malet: /me "A pleasure, Monsieur."

[2016/02/13] John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester: /me whispers in response to Lady Malet "Safe in its tonnes, and ready for tapping, Betty, my lily" He looks up as the Tavern-maid approaches. "Tried Something else" shall be my epitaph and doom, I fear, but such a lovely condemnation! Pour on, good mistress!"

[2016/02/13] Cdric d'Amboise (cedric.hansome): Tout le plaisir est pour moi

[2016/02/13] John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester: Bon voyage, Monsieur

[2016/02/13] Cdric d'Amboise (cedric.hansome): merci madame

[2016/02/13] John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester: /me holds out his empty rum-mug at such an angle that the maid is obliged to bend forward to pour.

[2016/02/13] Annabella the Maid (annabellaasquith): /me complies, reaching over the table awkwardly and pouring before straightening* Anything else I may serve you?

[2016/02/13] Elizabeth Malet: /me sees through Rochester's ploy and is appalled at his behavior. And must admit to a little admiration for his cunning.

[2016/02/13] John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester: "no, my good tavernkeep, you have been the epitome of hospitality. Draw up your accounts and I shall pay in gold anon

[2016/02/13] Annabella the Maid (annabellaasquith): /me is not flustered in the least by such behavior for it comes with the barkeep territory. She smiles to the lady first then the Earl.* "My thanks, milord and lady. It would be my pleasure to serve you again soon."

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