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Optiks Lab - road delays!

user image 2010-01-23
By: Evie Alchemi
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Cher Journal,I received a disappointing letter from Pierre today. The snow and unusually hard freezes recently have sadly left the roads in poor condition with deep ruts that is forcing the cart to move very slowly so as not to crack a wheel. I was a little concerned about this possibility when Fenn and I rode back to the Langeudoc. While the weather was fair and allowed for brisk horseback I did note that roads have suffered deeply. He reports news of many carriage accidents and will take it slow so as not to risk my precious optiks. Pierre had further ill luck as the horse threw a shoe and he lost a full day getting to village with ferrier. He estimates it will be mid-week before he can reach us. I must be patient and hope for the best!- Evie